Menifee Cityhood Gets County Boost

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors voted today to help pay the costs of supporting new firestations in Menifee and Wildomar, if those...

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors voted today to help pay the costs of supporting new firestations in Menifee and Wildomar, if those two communities voted to approve cityhood.

This was based on financial analyses conducted by Gary Thompson showing that the two cities would eventually fall into the red if they approved cityhood.

As reported in The Californian today...

Analyses of the communities had found that both would run into financial trouble at some point in their first 10 years if the county didn't contribute some funds to help staff new fire stations.

Those reports prompted supervisors Buster and Jeff Stone to propose that the county give the two communities the money the county expects to save by having them become cities.
Read the full article from The Californian here...

This doesn't quite pave the way for cityhood as of yet, though it does remove the first hurdle, and a very big hurdle at that. Basically up next, would be a popular vote by residents of Menifee Valley.


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  1. "You all have one thing right." The "HOOD" in City, cause that is exactly what this place has turned into and it's only getting worse.

    By the time you all become a city and decide to provide better public safety and fire safety, this place will already be so imbeded and overpopulated with "Perris-Sites", gang bangers, sex offenders, drug dealers, white superemists, tweakers and trash that the city officials will never be able to clean it up. Your new city welcome sign should read:

    "Welcome to the Sister City of Moreno Valley and Perris"

  2. If you hate menifee so much, why even comment. Please go back to where you crawled out of.

  3. Sounds like this guy has some serious anger and insecurity issues.

  4. I've stayed silent too long, therefore, this is long but I must comment. I'm in complete agreement with your comment. Most of the people who are in favor of this city "HOOD" are not residents of the affected Sun City, Romoland, and Lake Elsinore communities. Menifee just wants to use our tax dollars to support their ill planned city because with all the foreclosures, they do not have enough tax revenue to support their own city services. Residents of the impacted areas moved to those areas because of what those areas offered. It offered low population and space to breathe. We've had no problems with crime or services in our area. Perris floods every rainy season, where the county makes sure every year that our rain gutters are cleared to prevent flooding. Until recently (with the population boom in our perspective cities) we experienced lower serious crime rates. The Riverside County Sheriff Dept. has always been responsive even with the increased crime. Their responses have been prompt and thorough. Incorporating these areas will NOT provide any positive outcome for the affected areas. There will be more taxes for the bargain return of less services.

    For those "so called residents" of Romoland who either don't live here, or have lived here for all of two minutes, and are in agreement with the city hood, I only have a few comments. You should have moved to Menifee if you wanted to live in a city and if you love Menifee so. Also, you can still move there. That’s a more fair solution instead of trying to change an area you know nothing about for "proposed gain" that will never occur. Just look at almost all local cities for reference (i.e. Perris, San Jacinto, Wildomar, Moreno Valley etc). It’s simple. Just move to Menifee. Then everyone will be happy. There are clearly many houses available for you there. BTW, I briefly lived in Perris, and Riverside, so I know what I’m talking about comparing cities vs. unincorporated areas. I don’t believe politicians that tell me they will serve me Fillet Mignon if I join them, when they are plopping dog food on my plate. And I will make it my mission to oppose and work towards removing from office any politician who does not protect it's constitutes intersts. It was us who voted to place them in office to support our best interests(3rd and 5th districts), and we can easily rectify that error. No other city should have any say in the incorporation, nor should it be on their ballots. Only the impacted areas should have any say or vote on the measure.

    Are there any “REAL” Romoland, Sun City residents out there? (REAL = those who’ve lived here for more than 10 years)? Please chime in. This is not intended to insult new residents of Romoland who have been here less than 10 years. It just seems as though the “new” residents do not have the same vested interest in the community, and are only looking for proposed gains instead of lifestyle. Or at least from the blogs, those new residents are the only ones commenting.

    I’m a Romoland resident and voter against City Hood for Menifee Valley incorporating Romoland, Sun City, and Lake Elsinore, and I'm not alone.



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