Cal-State Menifee

The San Diego Tribune ran an article about college enrollment at Cal-State San Marcos booming, partly because of booming population in south Riverside County...

"We're one of the hottest campuses in the CSU," said Matthew Ceppi, chief of staff to Cal State San Marcos' president. The enrollment explosion has been partially spurred by the growth in home building in south Riverside County communities such as Murrieta and Menifee.


For fall, Cal State San Marcos received a record number of applicants – 14,000 for about 3,500 spots. Sixty-one percent of the applicants are from outside the county.

While we do have Mt San Jacinto College, it's not a four-year college. We're going to need a four-year college somewhere here between Perris and Temecula. Not only will that ease some of the freeway congestion, it'll bring some more jobs here.


  1. I could not agree more! A Cal-State would be perfect for this area. UC Riverside is also an option and is very affordable, being a public instituion. In addition, there are also plans for UC Riverside to build a medical school!

  2. I couldn't agree more that Menifee would be the absolute PERFECT location for a Cal State campus. I would love to teach a night class there and welcome our residents and promote higher education.. Please push for this. Let those in power know....