Earthquake Felt in Menifee

I just felt a slight earthquake here in my house about 15 minutes ago (10:12pm). It was just enough to rattle things slightly.

I checked the USGS website on earthquakes, and they just posted info now...

Magnitude 4.2

Struck at 10:11:42 pm PST.

Centered 11 miles north of Indio, and 11 miles east of Thousand Palms. That would put it in a tiny community called "Indio Hills". See the map...

Map of indio hills
Did you feel anything?


  1. We felt it in Palm Springs. It rattled things and lasted long enough for us to get into our central hallway---seemed like about 6 seconds--marked only by a few drunken-looking paintings on the walls.

  2. I live in Menifee but was raised in Thermal, my family lives in the Indio area and one of my brothers own 5 acres in Indio Hills, my husband and I felt the earthquake, when we turned on the news to find out it was in Indio I worried but knew that a 4.2 was not going to do alot of damage in that area.

  3. I live in Fallbrook , just south of Temecula Valley . Around 10:12 pm 06-01-07 , I felt a roller originating inland and working it's way westward . Not much, but I felt it and it made some stuff creek .

  4. we're in temecula---we felt it too! it was really quick!