Cityhood Incorporation Update

Betty Royer, a member of the Menifee MAC, and someone who has been active with the Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee, gave an update on the cityhood incorporation effort at the Menifee MAC meeting this evening.

This evening's MAC meeting was dominated by Jeff Chambers of Donahue Schriber, the company that's building the Countryside Marketplace. Betty spoke in context with this new shopping center and how it will help the cityhood effort.

In summary, she noted that cityhood effort is largely resting with GST Consulting, who is conducting a fiscal analysis. This analysis is required to determine if Menifee Valley can produce enough tax revenue to sustain itself. Betty said that this new shopping center will factor into the analysis.

She further explained that cityhood will not result in higher property taxes. She said that communities are not allowed to raise property taxes to justify its fiscal analysis.

Once the fiscal analysis is completed, and if the fiscal analysis shows that Menifee Valley has enough tax revenue to sustain itself, a ballot measure will be brought to the residents of Menifee Valley for a popular vote.

If Menifee Valley does not incorporate into a city in 2008, Betty simply said that there will be other consequences.

Just to give you my personal opinion, if Menifee Valley fails in its bid for cityhood, it will be carved up into sections and annexed by Perris, Murrieta, and Canyon Lake. Possibly even Lake Elsinore. The only thing that's stopping these cities from doing it right now, is the protection we've been granted by LAFCO (local agency formation commission). That protection expires in 2008.

My guess is that the entire Sun City area will become a part of Perris. Quail Valley, Menifee Hills, and Audie Murphy Ranch will become Canyon Lake. Murrieta will take everything else.

When a city wants to annex a piece of land, the people living on that land has only 20 days to gather up enough signatures to stop it. Someone correct me if I am wrong. So, look out Menifee Valley!


  1. Our taxes here are rather high, will cityhood or incorporation to existing cities lower our taxes?

  2. I'll ask Joe Daugherty, the Incorporation Committee chair and see if he can answer that question.

    My guess is that the answer will be, "no", the property taxes will stay the same. It's kinda like asking the U.S. government to lower income taxes if somehow they eliminated the budget deficit.

  3. Something makes me think that many people who live West of I-215 would actually prefer to be annexed into Murrieta, rather than be grouped with Sun City and Quail Valley.

  4. So if it weren't for this committee my property could now be annexed by Murrietta?

    Why would that be a problem for me?

  5. No way to have Murrieta take over control over City of Menifee! I dont like Murrieta always complain over business what City of Menifee want to have more business, etc. Also no way City of Menifee become to City of Murrieta.

  6. Location, location, location. A Murrieta address will almost always result in a higher property value, given similar properties.

  7. If you want to live in the city, move to a city. leave the country alone. Trust me, scare tactics, if we don't become a city, we will be divided up. Trust me nobody wants the financial burden of Quail Valley in their city. Regardless of what they say, taxes WILL GO UP.

  8. I live on the westside of the 215 and I agree with some of the others. I would prefer to be annexed with Murrieta!

  9. It's now July 2008. There was a blog back in May about Sun City and Menifee not wanting to include QV in its incorporation into cityhood. Has this been resolved--has Quail Valley been included as part of a larger city? My little family is looking into setting down roots in QV will this incorporation matter affect home ownership and life raising a family there?