Why Aren't There More Private Schools in Menifee?

menifee valley middle schoolAs reported in The Californian today, the Menifee Union School District voted to take away elective courses from students who don't do well in Math, English, and other basic studies....

Instead, the students in the year-round schools who did not pass the Standardized Testing and Reporting will be enrolled in a special intervention class in the subject in which they're underachieving, Menifee Union School District officials said. Upon achieving proficiency, the students will be allowed to return to band or other electives.
Basically, if your student can't pass the basic proficiency tests in math, english, then he or she won't be allowed to take band, art, and other elective classes. Instead, they'll have to take these "special ed" classes to help boost their proficiency.

I think the most important factor to consider is this: the middle schools in our valley, which this policy affects the most, are public schools, funded by tax dollars. You and I are paying for these students' education. If these kids are going to get a free education from my tax dollars, then I expect proficiency from them.

But having said that, I wish that our school district as well as our State could foster the growth of more private schools. We need MORE private schools, not public schools.

I think a big reason why our public schools have so little funds to work with is because they have so many students, and not enough teachers and facilities to educate them efficiently. The reason why there are so many students in public schools is because there are no other schools to send them to.

I believe many parents have the income necessary to send their kids to private schools, except that there are very few private schools available. I think many kids don't belong in public schools simply because their parents have more than enough money to afford private schooling. In other words, public schooling should be available for families who require public assistance. If there were more private schools, it would greatly lessen the burden on public schools.

So the question is, why aren't there more private schools available? Certainly, the demand is there. I know there are many charter schools that operate throughout Southern California, except they have to get the approval from our school district to operate. So, why doesn't our school district approve more of these schools, and let them flourish in Menifee Valley?

I'd like to have one our of School Board members, a teacher, or a PTA member, post a comment and address this question.


  1. There is at least one private school in Menifee Valley: Good Shepherd Lutheran School on Newport Road. They run a "traditional" school year which is preferred by many families, especially those with high schoolers. The school operates grades Preschool through 7 for the coming school year, with grade 8 being added for the 2008/09 school year. If you are interested I would urge you to contact the school at 951-672-6675.

  2. In regards to having private schools in Menifee, well I think that is fine, but basically you are saying if a parent can't afford to pay for the private school, his/her child is left out to the dogs or public schools. I don't think just because a child attends a Private school he/she is smarter or better off. I feel that the schools don't teach like they use to. It is left more now to the parent to help their children, and parents just don't care. There are so many working parents that commute and they are exhausted and just don't make the time to take part in their childs education. I agree with the article in the paper about taking privaleges away if grades are not kept up. Education is very important. A child will not be able to make it in life just because they can play an intrument or excel in sports. These I agree are very important in life, but the education is still needed. I think a child should go to study hall, get tutoring etc, if needed and I believe this is offered at the Middle School.

    Now days kids have to be self motivated and want to learn. I can see in the work force that kids now days feel they deserve a job etc. Life is tough, and you have to work for what you want in life, whether it is a career, mate, etc.

  3. This is a very old and complex issue. There is a place and role for private schools. However, many people make shallow arguements for private schools like the one presented in this article (i.e. - leave the dumb and poor kids to the public schools).

    The truth of the matter is that the American family has been compromised with two parents working, divorsed, uneducated, and otherwise enept at raising children.

    Let's get real, what we're really saying is, "I don't want my kids going to school with 'Those' kids!"

    Public schools are bending over backwards to provide a well rounded education for all. However, in a free society, there will be those that do not take advantage of the gifts they've been given.

    The success of your local public school is a direct representation of your community, its values, and its culture. It is NOT a reflection of the quality of the teachers, administrators, amount of money, newness of the computers, number of textbooks or anything else like that.

    Instead of paying private tuition, pay for piano, soccer, dance, and art lessons for your kids after school. We all need successful kids and families to stay in our public schools. Let's not add further division in our society between the have's and have not's.


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