Menifee Valley Senior Slow-Pitch Softball League

With Little League and Pony League in full swing at the parks in Menifee, one might forget that adults are playing baseball in Menifee also....

With Little League and Pony League in full swing at the parks in Menifee, one might forget that adults are playing baseball in Menifee also.

Or at least softball anyways.

The Valley News published an article last week about the Menifee Valley Senior Slow-Pitch Softball League...

The league has been around since 1987 and now comprises of 7 teams. They play year around in three seasons...
Finley, who is the league's most senior senior, will be 86 in June and has no intention of giving up the game he's been playing since 1937 when he played fast-pitch with his brothers in Akron, OH, and was a member of the 1946 state championship team. He didn't start playing slow-pitch, though, until he joined the Menifee league in 1987. But, from 1996 to 2003 as an infielder for the Silverhawks, a 75-and-over San Diego slow-pitch team, Finley won 13 World Championship rings.


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  1. tennis, anyone???

  2. I would like to invite the Menifee senior teams to participate in the 7th ISF Senior World Cup on June 20-22 at Salem, VA and the 14th ISSA World Championships on August 15-17 at Manassas, VA. Please advise the teams in your association of this invitation. The following is a copy of our most recent ISSA Bulletin:

    VII ISF SENIOR WORLD CUP - Tournament packets were mailed last week to those teams requesting one. If you have not received yours within ten days from your email request, please let us know. We have had a tremendous interest shown so far in the Senior World Cup and its 2008 location in the Roanoke Valley. The Tournament Organizing Committee composed of governmental staff from multiple jurisdictions are working to insure that this event will surpass all senior team's expectations.

    The venues for the tournament will include the James L. Moyer Sports Complex and Botetourt Sports Complex. These are both state-of-the-art softball facilities with nearby hotels, dining and shopping just minutes from Interstate Route 81.

    For those who may not be familiar with these facilities: the Moyer Complex is the site of NCAA Division II and III Women's World Series and has hosted numerous ASA Nationals Championships. The complex includes four softball fields with 300 foot fences, dugouts with restrooms and water fountains. The brand new Botetourt Complex also includes four softball fields with 300 foot fences and dugouts with restrooms and water fountains. Both complexes have a three story tower for tournament operations and concession facilities. The Botetourt Complex was used for the ASA Class D Nationals this year and hosted a tournament for the ACC Champion Virginia Tech Hokies. There is no better place to get your game on and we are fortunate to be able to make this location available to senior teams in 2008.

    Whether on the field playing or relaxing at your hotel or out dining you will enjoy a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge Mountains that will surround you.

    You can help us to be sure that all senior teams in the World are aware of this opportunity in 2008, please forward this email to other teams in your area that you feel might be interested in participating. Managers and players can email us at for a tournament packet and log on to the ISSA Website and the ISSA Mailing List to receive current information about this event.

    RB Thomas, Jr.
    ISF Director of Senior Softball
    9401 East Street
    Manassas, Virginia 20110
    703-361-0344 (Fax)