Day Laborers on Newport Road

A anonymous writer submitted a comment to us asking us about the illegal aliens waiting for work along Newport Road and La Ladera Road... Ju...

A anonymous writer submitted a comment to us asking us about the illegal aliens waiting for work along Newport Road and La Ladera Road...
Just wondering if anyone alse sees the problem with illegal immigrants lining up for work on Newport Road between Goetz road and La Ladera road?
Living off of La Ladera Road, I see them all the time.

Whether or not anyone else "sees the problem" with these illegal immigrants, as this commenter asks, is perhaps a very big question that citizens of our country have been arguing over for a very long time.

But I assume this person is asking if anyone is going to do something to get rid of them. To answer that, I don't know. I'm sure our county supervisor knows about them all too well, but enforcing illegal immigration laws is a federal matter, not a local one and not even a State one.

Call the border patrol in Temecula: (951) 676-2261.

They probably already know about them, but can't do anything about it because there are too many US citizens trying to protect "their rights".


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  1. Do we see the laborers out there on Newport Road obviously waiting for work? How can they be missed. Some of them have some pretty nice vehicles all set up for heavy type clean up or construction work. It looks like their vehicles have California plates on them so we can assume they are legally register with the State.
    Question I have is are they illegal or are they legal. Probably some are, some are not.
    I would also guess that they are finding work everyday or else they would not keep coming back.
    Now the question is, who goes by and checks them out and if they are legal what right does anyone have to question them for not really doing anything illegal unless just being there is illegal.

  2. One must remember that not all these individuals are illigal; many of them are even US citizens who do not have a steady job and need to work in whatever they are good at. Furthermore, even the ones who are not legal, declare their gainings to the IRS as having their own business; They pay their dues. Most of these individuals are very capable and deserve the right to work.

  3. Wow,

    you must be omniscient!

    "Furthermore, even the ones who are not legal, declare their gainings to the IRS as having their own business; They pay their dues."

    Give me a break! Yea, and all illegal aliens (Yes, I said illegal aliens, not illegal immigrants!) have driver's licenses, insurance, proper registration, etc.

    It is a known fact that a lot of the day laborers are illegal aliens. Grant it, not all, but a large part of them are. But I quess it's OK for you to be selective about which laws should be enforced, right!

    It's criminal that Mexico encourages its citizens to flee and doesn't care enough to crush corruption. Yes, there is corruption in Mexico. Believe it or not. My desire is that its citizens stand up for thier homeland and take it back.

    Having laws is one thing, enforcing them is another. This nation has laws but it doesn't enforce them thoroughly. For a nation to continue to be strong it must not be weak. Compromise and you will be compromised.

    Compassion is not about turning a blind eye, but doing what is best and right!

    A man was asked: What are the two problems in this world? He said, "I don't know and I don't care." He answered it without knowing: APATHY and INDIFFERENCE!!

  4. I think we should encourage assimilation and help them to be Americans. After all, all of our families came to this country because they were poor and looking for a better life. We also benefit from cheap labor in certain industries, like argriculture.

  5. "After all, all of our families came to this country because they were poor and looking for a better life."

    Really, what country did your parents cross illegally from?

  6. Illegal is no longer the issue because the Federal Govt. is not enforcing the law! Like it or not they are here. Let's turn them into Americans. Let's do whatever we can to encourage them to learn english and make sure their children get an education so they don't end up as Gang Bangers!

  7. You must be a liberal!

    "Illegal is no longer the issue." Yea, I guess you liberals don't care about enforcing the law. That's why you're so lenient on criminals!

    How about returning illegals back to thier home country and then we won't have to worry about thier kids "ending up as gang bangers." HELLO!

    By the way, that's very racist of you to assume the children of illegals will turn out to be gang bangers. Shame on you!

    But of course, persons in this country illegally are harmless, aren't they. Like the 911 terrorists and the many countless other violent criminals fleeing the law in thier own country. Being dupped is one thing but willfully ignorant is quite another. Have you no idea the type of persons who are in this country illegally? Rapists, murders, drug trafficers, pedophiles, etc. How do we know who they are? We don't know, until it's to late and they commit a crime on us or one of our family members. Your concept of compassion is very misplaced. You care more about turning a blind eye to law breakers than the safety and peace of the rightful citizenry of this country.

  8. "Really, what country did your parents cross illegally from?"

    This type of ignorance is the reason that our government refuses to fight the issue of immigration to the extent that certain people would like for it to happen. These people are out looking for jobs to support their families and not out commiting crimes or harming anyone, get over it. The biggest problem with this issue is the hatred that certain people portray against each other.

  9. the Christian thing to do is to help all in need. I don't know why there is so much angst toward immigrants legal or illegal. this is a country of milk and honey. there is plenty to go around as long as everyone works and contributes to the economy. i shake my head when I see all this animosity. everyone suddenly becomes a legal expert to justify their animosity towards immigrants. what would Jesus do?

  10. Comment #8 doesn't make sense. Be clear with your comments.

    Ignorance! "These people are out looking for jobs to support their families and not out commiting crimes or harming anyone, get over it."

    Yes, most of them are looking to support thier families (By the way, most of the money goes back to Mexico). But to infer that none of them commit crimes... please. It's over.

    Comment #9: There should be a sign above every door leading to the santuary that reads: "Leaving your mind at the door is not allowed."

    WWJD: It seems to me he made it clear: "Give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's and to God what is God's."

    Your right, we should help those in need. So, GO to Mexico and any other country you want to and help! Remember the great commission!

    Also, the land of milk and honey is Isreal, not the US. But I understood what you meant.

    For me personally, I have no angst against legal immigration. Come all who desire, but come legally. I also have no hatred towards illegal aliens. I see a serious problem being ignored (Probably out of guilt). Understand: Wanting the law enforced is not hatred. It should be natural.

  11. Many of the citizens of this country our criminals as well. When I talk about preventing Gang Bangers I'm speaking the truth. It is the poor, uneducated poeople in this country who end up as thugs! And by the way, the children of the illegals would be legal citizens because they are most likely born in the US.

    You are right, our govt. should crack down but do you seriously think its possible to deport millions and millions of people? Not a chance!

  12. I thought this was needed:

    Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

    "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

    Theodore Roosevelt 1907

  13. As soon as Audie Murphy Ranch is complete, these people will have to find some where else to go. Just because they have California plates doesn't mean they are here legally. They buy SS #'s. If they are here legally, they can apply at a company called LABOR READY and get day work.I think with them sitting there, it makes Menifee look Trashy. I don't think the Windshield Repair Guy, the Tiki Guy, or anyone else selling some thing should be allowed to sit there. It is as bad as all the cars people park on Newport Road for sale.

  14. To the commenter who posted the, "Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907."

    You are very correct. Any LEGAL IMMIGRANT. He dose not say: Illegal aliens. Very fitting injection.

    In light of this quote, what do you think Theodore Roosevelt would have to say about the curent illegal alien problem?

    Something to think about!

    Holly, I agree with your statement also.

  15. I believe that Roosevelt would be very disappointed in our country today in regards to immigration. Just take a look around you, it doesn't take long to see all the English/Spanish signs. If you've traveled anywhere else in the world you rarely see these type of signs with English being written for our benefit. I wonder if it is just in California?? I work in Temecula for a large Company where a huge percentage of Mexicans are employed. What gets me is that within the workplace they think it is acceptable to speak Spanish to each other and with our Supervisors as well. Forgetting that everything about this company is in English. I blame Management for not curbing this practice. I mean in the Lunch room or outside the workplace........fine.......speak all the Spanish you desire. But English should be spoken at ALL times within a English Speaking in AMERICA. I know many people will disagree with me, but hey this is AMERICA, and in AMERICA we speak ENGLISH.
    P.S...None of these people I work with are illegal. They are all legal immigrants.

  16. I don't disagree with you.

    No, it's not just California and not only in Spanish. But not only signs, how about brochures, forms, employees in all manner of governement buildings and services. And anything else you can think of. And all this at the federal, state and local levels. How much of our very hard earned tax dollars are being wasted by elitist liberal politicians on this stuff.

    No people, we are an after thought to most of them.

  17. Forget the first ammendment--- Freedom of Speech does not exist I guess? By the way, when are you going to ask for " Los Angeles and San Diego" to change their Spanish names? Also, Murrieta is Spanish too. Also, it is interesting to note that the (US) California Consitution is Bilingual-- Spanish and English. Don't be a xenophobe!

    "But English should be spoken at ALL times within a English Speaking in AMERICA."

  18. I am in no way afraid of immigrants (Xenophobe) past,present or future!!!!! I'm not opposed to freedom of speech (of any kind), however.....where do we draw the line??? Or do we?? Our country has always been a melting pot of the world's people. These people are FREE to speak in any language they prefer. So maybe we should start adding every other form of language to everything here in America. I mean that's only fair right?? This way every legal immigrant would never have to learn English. We could hire teachers of every culture to just teach in that child's own language. I'm sure "Arnold" won't mind the tax burden that might create here in California alone.
    I mean when do we stand up for our country and reclaim OUR CULTURE !!!!!!
    The way I see it, America opens it's arms wide to the world and all we ever get is a BIG slap in the face.
    Sorry.....I just had to get that off my chest.
    Freedom of Speech right ?? GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!

  19. I used them to help me build a fence...Hard workers

  20. Who's talking about changing names? It's the cost of translating paperwork for all of the governement services. DMV forms as an example and all the other services our tax dollars provide.

    Xenophobe! Give me a break! Breaking out the name and fear card are you? Why is it when reasonable arguments are made you libs resort to this. Guilt, guilt, guilt! It's ok to enforce the law. It doesn't make you a bad person. After all, illegal aliens didn't grow like mushrooms, without a country, right! I hope this helps your troubled conscience. Remember, the law is not optional.

    I'm not sure this country is a melting pot. That infers the immigrants meld as one with the rest of society. But it is clear, for the most part, that immigrant societies emerge and seek thier own benefit and not America's as a whole.

    But what an excellant example these illegal alien rights' marchers gave us this past weekend! They didn't interrupt traffic, incur city costs, create havoc. No, they were peacful people "Celebrating." Beggers witha club and a list more like it! Say good by to your country people!

    By for now.

  21. This is such a double sided isssue. On one hand, in a "perfect" world, immigrants need to come in here legally. It is costing us too much with regards to hospitals, schools and "maybe" some jobs. But we also need to be realistic, the people who "help" you build your fence for half the cost, the cleaning maids who clean your home or work at the nice hotels we stay at, are keeping the cost down for homebuilders, hotels and landscaping. If we don't want "illegals" then DONT'T HIRE THEM. Americans want "cheap" labor, well there is a price to pay. We have to stop being two faced about this. By the way, most of the people that come here illegaly are very hard working and a lot of times contribute more than some Americans who drain the welfare system. Believe me, I see some "losers" , I mean Americans, who don't appreciate what they have!!!

  22. I am definitely against illegal immigration.

    As a Native American, I wish all illegal immigrants would leave and go back home. (I guess it might be a little late for that too, huh?)

  23. hey all you racists out there that are white before you wipe all the mexicans butts on newport rd. there are more white wetbacks from the good ol united kingdom than there are from mexico! but at least they do the work you or any blackman won't do, think about that when you eat your next peice of fruit! oh by the way they (mexicans) have won more medal of honor awards than any other race for this country, so you can write your filth!!!!!!!!!

  24. To the previous poster:

    "hey all you racists out there that are white"

    Do you write “white racists” to differentiate between all the racists out there that are of Asian-American, African-American, “Other-American” and yes, even Mexican-American decent (among others). I’m guessing by that comment you are acknowleging that racism is a problem with ALL races, not just whites. If that’s the case, that’s the closest thing to an intelligent remark that you say in your whole comment. If not, you need to step back and look at the big picture.

    "there are more white wetbacks from the good ol united kingdom than there are from mexico!"

    Which liberal, left-wing source do you get your information from? I'm just curious, because I would really like to compare your sources to my conservative, right-wing conspiracy sources. I’m willing to bet your information is incorrect. I'm not saying my sources are 100% correct. But yours about there being more illegal immigrants from the UK versus Mexico is incorrect. I have heard statistics that say there are more Canadians or Asians in the Unites States illegally than Mexicans, but from the UK? Tell us your source.

    "but at least they do the work you or any blackman won't do"

    I don't have a problem with that. They’re hard workers and they do a damn good job. And I have absolutely no problem with the ones that are here LEGALLY and can prove it. My next door neighbor actually stopped on Newport to get workers to assist (note, ASSIST - he worked alongside them) him in getting some landscaping done in his back yard. He also made sure the two guys he hired were documented. And he was not only willing, but actually did pay them more than they were asking. Oh, by the way, he had to ask 8 workers before he were able to find two that were able to prove to his satisfaction they were at least in the country legally. How do I know he had to ask 8 to get 2? I was with him, acting as a translator.

    "think about that when you eat your next peice of fruit"

    I think about that every day, not just when I eat fruit. I also think about it every time I order a burrito from a Mexican Restaurant. And every time I walk into a clean store. My father-in-law, who came to this country LEGALLY almost 40 years ago, worked in fields and groves picking fruit and veggies until he could save enough to bring his wife and daughters (one of which is my wife) here LEGALLY.
    Despite my conservative views, I personally don’t consider myself one of the “white racists" you refer to, and I don't have a problem with migrant workers taking these jobs. You’re right. I don’t want to do it. Is it because I’m better than that? Quite frankly, yes, it is. But you know what? If it came down to picking tomatoes or digging ditches for minimum wage so I could keep a roof over my wife’s head and the heads of my children, I’d do it. I would do it out of pride. I would do it because I wouldn’t be able accept government handouts in the form of welfare checks and food stamps. I’m willing to bet most of the migrant workers would rather be doing something else, too. If the government (and I mean our way too liberal state as well as our currently jacked up federal government) suddenly stopped handing out welfare checks and food stamps, more white and black Americans would be probably be willing to get out and do this kind of labor.

    "oh by the way they (mexicans) have won more medal of honor awards than any other race for this country"

    Again, you seriously need to check your facts before you start spewing forth some of this crap. There have only been 43 (let me spell it out for you: forty-three; I'll spell it in Spanish also: cuarenta y tres) people of HISPANIC heritage, (not just Mexican heritage, but ALL Hispanics, including Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Spaniards and others) to have been awarded the Medal of Honor. (By the way, the Medal of Honor isn’t won like a prize; the Medal of Honor is awarded – all too often it is has been awarded posthumously, after making the ultimate sacrifice.) By contrast, the Medal of Honor has been awarded 89 times to 88 different African-Americans. Yes, one of those men was awarded TWO medals for two separate heroic actions. That simple statistic there tells me you are either talking out of your rear-end and making up statistics without knowing facts, or you are intentionally spitting out lies.

    There have been 3,464 Medals awarded. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time I checked, 3421 (all Non-Hispanic medals awarded) is a hell of a lot more than 43 (all Hispanics). So, it is quite impossible for Mexicans to have been awarded more Medals of Honor than any other race for this country.

    "so you can write your filth"

    Keep this in mind - it is because of ALL men and women that have served our nation that YOU have the right to to spew forth your ignorant, misinformation laden "crap", not just the 3,444 men (19 of them twice) and one woman that have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

  25. I live right off of Newport Road, where over the years the day laborers have "hung out." Each time they start in a location my neighbors and I contact the city to post no parking signs. In addition, when they park at the entrance to my housing track, we call the sheriff.

    It does take time, energy and willingness to call differnt government agencies, but eventually they are forced out.

    We have also called border partol, but really their hands are tied. Inland enforcement has gotten a lot of press from the pro-illegal groups, which have caused the border patrol to back off, which is a shame.

  26. to the anonymous writer putting down the other writer on medal of honor awards winners. mexicans are not hispanics we don't have black blood in our veins we are so above the "other" spanish speaking races. we are north americans with more indian blood then most people think. yet your white racist views are sick and uncall for and yes that other writer is 100% correct the mexican race has won more medal of honor awards then any nationality. we have been label by w.a.s.p. for years i remember when i went to vietnam we were label under the white race so were do you get your facts from? oh that other comment about wetback whites when was the last time you were in santa monica? there are more white wetbacks from the u.k. then you can shake a stick with! by the way what about the canadians collecting more school aid then the people from mexico and the asians omg but you w.a.s.p. never flip no flack on them why is that? so you married a mexican woman who was legal b.f.d. get your facts straight we are not of black blood, we are north americans and guess what just like you! futhermore if you know so much you should know our blood is more indian than spanish way more but hey you all killed damm near all of us and put us out in the desert to die so what do you know

  27. as to the previous writer you wrote the truth, i to am a vietnam veteran and bleed for the u.s.a. and i remember filling out my paper work at the afecs building on wilshire and we were label under the white race, we don't have black blood in our viens the mexican race is way more superior then any other spanish speaking race. as for that racist white trash who married a legal mexican woman get off your racist ways and take notice today illegals are