Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee

We have now signed a contract with GST Consulting to conduct the required Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis. This analysis is a major requirement in order to become a city. GST is currently working with the Wildomar group on the same analysis and is therefore very familiar with the process and requirements. The principle of this firm was instrumental in obtaining cityhood for the city in which he resides.

As we move into this phase of the process, it is now time to raise the necessary funds to support the fiscal study, the boundary mapping and environmental study. TMG Consultants is in the process of helping us to raise these funds. As part of this fund raising, they have scheduled a Casino Night on March 3, 2007 at the Menifee Lakes Country Club at 7:00 pm. Details will be forthcoming as they are finalized.

Now is the time for the backers of cityhood to step forward and help us raise the money necessary for the process to move forward. So far, you have only been asked to sign the petition offered to you by the volunteers spending their weekends standing in front of the grocery stores and Target, and walking door to door, nothing more. Either contact me through this medium of call me at 301-5203. Your generosity is appreciated by the voluteers working this process and will give you a feeling of involvement in cityhood.


  1. You might want to post this information and the upcoming event on They seem to provide pretty extensive coverage of upcoming events.

  2. Would the Heritage Lake Development on McCall and Menifee Road be included in the incorporated city?

  3. The fundraiser is actually on the 8th of March, not the 3rd. Your support is critical to the success of this organization. Please join us. Thank you!

  4. Sorry about the date of the fund raiser. As to the inclusion of the development in one of the comments, The eastern border of Menifee Valley on Mc Call is Menifee Road. Ron