Some insight on Law Enforcement services in Menifee

Greetings to All Menifee 24/7 visitors.

A little about myself: My name is Todd Reed and, with the exception of a 6 month period after getting married, I’ve lived in the Menifee/Sun City area for the last 14 years. I recently came upon the Menifee 24/7 website quite by accident while searching for information regarding development in the area. One of the things that caught my eye is a large number of posts regarding law enforcement services in the area. Hopefully, I can shed some light on why we can or can not do certain things, such as contract with Mt. San Jacinto College Police Department for law enforcement services.

From January 28th - "We should look into contracting services from a small agency like the Mt. San Jacinto Menifee College Police Department."

Although this would be a great solution to obtaining more reliable and effective law enforcement in the area, it just isn't possible due to various state codes (primarily the Education Code), despite the fact that the community college police department officers' powers extend throughout the state.

Education Code section 72330 states that a community college may employ personnel as necessary to enforce the law "on or near the campus of the community college and on or near other grounds or properties owned, operated, controlled, or administered by the community college or by the state acting on behalf of the community college."

As a general rule of thumb, the state grants community college police departments a 1 to 2 mile radius around campus property. So while this is great for the residents and businesses in the Menifee Lakes area, it really doesn't do those of us west of the 215 any good.

From February 28th - "I agree we should contract with a smaller agency but it really does not matter who, as long as it's not a big agency where everything regarding services like: CSI, Helicopter, Boats, Bicycles, etc. is not a charge back when we need it." "Let's play this smart, I feel the jr. college PD is a start and maybe we could arrange something in the meantime, see how they pan out and go from there."

Believe it or not, contracting for specific services with the Sheriff's department (as opposed to the services they are required to provide because we are currently considered unincorporated county) would probably be cheaper than developing a new department. When services are contracted for, they would include the use of Riverside County’s crime lab, helicopters, and specialized units within the department.

In a nutshell, we really only have two choices until we become a city: contract for specific services (i.e., a specific number of deputies per shift that are responsible for the specific area), from the Sheriff’s department rather than being a sub-station of the Perris station, or deal with the services we have. We will have more options once we become a city, but some of those options can be pretty costly.

I hope this has answered some of the questions that have been popping up recently.


Todd A. Reed

Ideas Sought for Sun City Improvements

I received the following from L. Ortega, who's willing to spend some time improving the community in Sun City.
Good day Sir/Madam,

I am an active duty member of our elite Armed Forces, I commute daily from our house in Sun City to Camp Pendleton. My family and I have been living here in this wonderful City for over 1 year now and I have seen some areas where we, as members of this community, could help out and do our best to keep our community as safe as possible and free of gangs and vicious people that should not belong here.

I would like to have the opportunity to meet with other community members and be an active member to help improve the living standards of our community.

Our Senior Citizens are a wonderful part of this Community, I think they probably are under the impression that, we came "to invade" their territory and it is only right for us to offer our respect and treat them as such respectable members of this community.

I would love to have the opportunity to help in any way I can, I look forward to hearing from you and your fellow Leaders in a very near future.


L. Ortega

If anyone can make use of an able and willing body to make a noticeable change in Sun City, please contact him, or post a comment below.

Update (Feb 25, 2006): Mr. Ortega's address and phone number removed per request

Lake Menifee Women's Club - Membership Drive and Social

Mary Riehm, President of Lake Menifee Women's Club invites all women from the Menifee Valley to attend the club's annual Membership Drive & Social.

This year the club is having a Fashion Show by the local "Fashion Bug", along with Refreshments, Door Prizes, and the chance to meet the ladies who bring Community Events to Menifee.

Date: Sunday, February 26, 2006
Location: WheatField Sports Park Community Building
Time: 2pm-4pm
Cost: free.

Please RSVP to : Marcy Riehm (President) @ (951)377-6089 by Feb 22nd.

Supervisor Jeff Stone to Speak in Sun City Tonight

Third District Supervisor Jeff Stone will discuss "Community Issues, Today and Tomorrow" at Webb Hall in the Sun City Civic Association Center, 26850 Sun City Blvd., Sun City, tonight, February 8, 2006, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Supervisors Stone's remarks will be followed by a question and answer period. All are welcome, there is no charge for the event.

The New Giovanni's in Murrieta

If you find yourself dining out frequently in Menifee, you've probably dined at Giovanni's, the Italian restaurant in the shopping center on the corner of Newport and Bradley. It's been a favorite place for my wife and I.

Well, yesterday we had dinner at their new location in Murrieta.

I was quie impressed with it. First, it's not like the Menifee location, but it does borrow some of its ideas and concepts. You'll still find the salad bar (though expanded), you'll find many of the same menu items, though prepared differently, and you'll even find a biblical quotation about friends and family somewhere.

The inside is decked out with a Tuscan decor. The tables, chairs, plates, silverware, are all upgraded to a more modern and stylish appeal.

My favorite pasta dish at the Menifee location is the linguini with clams in alfredo sauce. I ordered the same thing here. The most noticeable difference is that Murrieta uses whole pieces of clams, whereas Menifee uses chopped pieces. I'm no connoiseur of Italian food, so I won't go into the subtleties of the pasta and sauce, but suffice it to I'm now a fan of both locations.

Another difference is the bread. Murrieta presents you with bread before you order, for everyone at the table to enjoy, kinda like when a Mexican restaurant gives you chips and salsa by default. Menifee, however, gives you bread with your order, and only if the dish comes with bread. The bread is much different as well. I don't exactly what kind of bread it is, but it's very fluffy, almost sour-dough-like, and they give you oil and seasonings to go with it.

I mentioned the salad bar being expanded. First, they put out bigger plates, yea! You'll find spinach greens there, some of that "pickled garden mix", and fresh strawberries. Otherwise, it has all the same pickings as Menifee. Another difference is that in Murrieta, it's not a "one-trip only" salad bar, you can go back for seconds if you want.

The Murrieta location is generally an up-scale version of the Menifee location. One thing that makes Menifee great, is that it has an informal feel to it. You might walk in there and meet your neighbors (which we have on many occaisions), or know someone else, or have a conversation with a waitress. The Murrieta location definitely has a more formal feel to it, just based on the "up-scale" nature of the place.

We're planning to return to the Murrieta location because I still haven't tried the pizzas yet.