Ideas Sought for Sun City Improvements

I received the following from L. Ortega, who's willing to spend some time improving the community in Sun City.

Good day Sir/Madam,

I am an active duty member of our elite Armed Forces, I commute daily from our house in Sun City to Camp Pendleton. My family and I have been living here in this wonderful City for over 1 year now and I have seen some areas where we, as members of this community, could help out and do our best to keep our community as safe as possible and free of gangs and vicious people that should not belong here.

I would like to have the opportunity to meet with other community members and be an active member to help improve the living standards of our community.

Our Senior Citizens are a wonderful part of this Community, I think they probably are under the impression that, we came "to invade" their territory and it is only right for us to offer our respect and treat them as such respectable members of this community.

I would love to have the opportunity to help in any way I can, I look forward to hearing from you and your fellow Leaders in a very near future.


L. Ortega

If anyone can make use of an able and willing body to make a noticeable change in Sun City, please contact him, or post a comment below.

Update (Feb 25, 2006): Mr. Ortega's address and phone number removed per request


  1. I live in the Menifee Lakes area and have lived here with my family for the
    past seven years. I recently read a news article regarding public safety
    (Police Services) in the Menifee Valley. The article covers how the
    increase in police presence has improved since the Sheriff has elected to
    have Perris Police Station cover Menifee instead of the Temecula Sheriff

    Being a resident of the Menifee Lakes, I have noticed over the past four
    years that the San Jacinto College in Menifee established it's own police
    department several years ago and they have been very proactive at the
    college and within the community. There was alot of confusion in the
    beginning when they first started as to wether or not they were the police
    for Menifee Valley. And also wether they were real police or just security.
    But that has since been rectified and I think over the past couple of
    years (at least in Menifee Lakes) we all understand that they are real
    police and assigned to the college district and surronding area for the
    district. These folks at the college police department are some fine
    individuals and I have had the pleasure of meeting them They go out of
    thier way to help folks and answer questions that we as citizens of Menifee
    have regarding crime and other issues.

    My point for writing you is regarding the article about the Sheriff's
    Department. In the article, they mention that the Sheriff is providing two
    deputies for the entire Menifee, Sun City and Quail valley area. That is
    really not enough for them to keep the crime down and fully service the
    community. Alot of us here in the Lakes Community are very happy with the
    College Police Department being right next door and believe me when I say
    this, "They do a heck of a Job."

    All of us here in my neighborhood really appreciate what they are doing.
    This area was full of crime, illegal drugs, gangs, vandalism, car break ins,
    and auto theft before they started thier own police department. Recently at
    a homeowners meeting for Menifee Lakes, I learned that they folded the auto
    burglary crime spree that was going on in the lakes and at the college.
    They caught the two young men responsible for this and alot of property from
    past crimes was returned to the rightful owners.

    My question is: Are these two police departments (Sheriff and College
    Police) working together? If not, Why? Since the Sheriff is pressed for
    man power and can only provide two bodies, why don't these two agencies work
    together? They could share the area or something. I have seen crime
    reduced just in my area because the college police are around and very
    highly visible. Cityhood is a few years away and we will probably have our
    own police by then but what about in the meantime? Has anyone brought this
    to the table and discussed it?

    I speak for just about everyone in my community and say that the college
    police are doing a great job out here. They are a valuable resource and
    tool to the community. So let's use them and see how we can all work
    together. I would volunteer my time to try and bring this up for a
    discussion with the Chamber's or on your website but I am a very busy person
    with alot of kids. I hope someone can kick this around and mabey find a
    better solution for what we are currently doing for public safety.

    I thing both police departments are doing a stand up job and look foward to
    seeing them work together in our community. Please see what you can find

    Thank You.

  2. How about how the elderly continue to be victimized by criminals that hang out in the Sun City Plaza and outside our banking establishments. What are we doing about this? What can we do as a community? I realize we have the "Crime Watch" team out there who does a fine job but really when it comes down to it, who is going to protect grandma leaving the bank after cashing her social security check?

  3. Oh please...this guy is just out to increase his client list!

  4. No, Mr Ortega is not trying to expand is client-lists, he's got a genuine concern about our community, wanna know why? Because this is his home just like the rest of us. He and I carpool every day to Camp Pendleton and every morning we talk about our growing community. Like the increasing traffic at Murrieta & Scott and the need for traffic lights there; just this morning on our way to work, I showed him what the 'Taggers' did to our new park at La Ladera days ago. Let's say the county cannot provide enough law enforcement personnel due to financial constraints; can the Sherrif's office train volunteer personnel and provide us vehicles for patrols within our community? What if the county agrees to train volunteers and provide vehicles for patrol, will you step forward and volunteer? I know Mr Ortega and I, will.

  5. I will volunteer too. I live near La Ladera Park and that was very upsetting to me. That was uncalled for and I hope the criminals that did it get caught! I already have an idea who is responsible but we cant just go accussing folks. I agree with Mr. Ortega and friends lets get our area safer. Why not visit the chambers, the Sheriff and the Menifee College School Police and set something up regarding neighborhood watch.

  6. To our dearest and respectable Sun City/Menifee Community,

    I like the way "certain" individuals like to make "anonymous" comments, after all... it is one of our many rights we have had for many, many years THANKS to the sacrifice of many of our Armed Forces Members who chose to fight for our freedom and liberty. I would like to invite the gentleman that made the following comment to PLEASE, get to know me better before coming up with erroneous conclussions:

    "Oh please...this guy is just out to increase his client list!

    You have it all wrong but, if this is the way you think Sir than, by all means... you are free to make those kind of comments.

    As for the rest of our Community goes; I really do not want to waste your time with senseless comments made by "anonymous" individuals. Let's work TOGETHER and make a positive change around our community. As it was previosuly stated by Mr. Tuason, WE are willing to help out as much as we can and, if we are given the opportunity... we would even volunteer our time to patrol the streets aroud our community to improve the security of all our respectable citizens.

    May God continue to bless you as well as your loved ones, each day of your precious life.


    L. Ortega

  7. I think the reason that a comment was made about your desire to help out was the way you signed your posting. ( copy below)

    "L. Ortega
    Field Director/Loan Officer
    "Homes & Loans Made Easy"

    When I first read your posting I thought the same thing as anonymous.

    By the way the Menifee Sun City Chamber of Commerce is looking for all types of volunteers.

  8. Weel, Mr. Ortega,

    Let's keep in mind alot of the anonymous comments made in your blog were not negative. In fact one of mine were in support of you, so let's be careful how we lash out at the anonymous folks. Please take time in the future to read every post in detail.

  9. I think Mr. Ortega is a little ticked off since someone called him out.

  10. I, too, am concerned about our community. And with my blood pressure I can't be getting all worked up. That's why I drink delicious Sanka decaffeinated coffee.
    "Sanka...Everything You Love About Coffee"

  11. Menifee and Sun City Community citizens,

    I want to take this opportunity to apologize for all and any misunderstandings caused by my original e-mail. I want to also, explain to you all how this happened, I originally sent my e-mail to one of the “writers” asking him to post my message because I was new to the 24/7 “post a comment site”, all my e-mails automatically include my “business information” and I did not notice that it was posted along with my message. Let’s move on with the original and only reason I had requested to post my message which is, to find ways to take care of our Community and our fellow Citizens.

    Once again, please accept my most sincere apologies for the misunderstanding, if I offended any “anonymous writers” or anyone else in our Community; that was not the intent, please let’s move on.

    Is there any way possible we can start a “periodic” meeting to bring in all key members of our community and anyone else who may be interested in participating on this meeting with the principal objective to find ways to improve our Community as well as any other security, safety issues that impact our Community.


    L. Ortega