Unusual Activity at Tierra Shores

I received the following comment from someone wanting to know if anyone else has experienced unusual activity at the Tierra Shores community...

I received the following comment from someone wanting to know if anyone else has experienced unusual activity at the Tierra Shores community...
Tierra Shores....Has anyone else had any unusual activity at home. i.e. strangers knocking on doors asking questions, people trying to open front doors at night and day time?
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  1. Although I have not heard of activity in Tierra Shores ( I don't live there). I have heard of someone kicking in double front doors during the day and stealing from homes. These people apparently knock and if no one answers, kick the door down. In otherwords, be careful before you open. This past week alone, 2 of my Shadow Ridge neighbors have had events occur on 2 different nights. One had tools taken from their truck and another had an attempted break in into their Suburban. This only 4 months after my truck was stolen from my front yard.

  2. I live in Tierra Shores and fortunately haven't experienced anything. I am quite concern though if this is happening. Since I am a stay at home mom it is scary that someone would be crazy enough to do this during the day.

  3. I too live in Tierra Shores and have not seen or heard anything. We must all be wary of who is around and who we open the gates for or is trying to sneak in once they are open. It will be a little easier once we have our parking permits. Essentially, since we do live in a gated community if they don't live there and aren't visiting someone they don't belong. I keep an eye out at night since I live in between the gates and let the security guard know if I see anything. We may want to bring up a neighborhood watch program to the board. Be safe everyone.

  4. maybe you should ask for more patrol cars in the area. or drive over the the college and ask that the college pd do some type of operation in your area i heard they do all of that stuff with other departments

  5. make sure you have sensor lights or something like that it helps. as far as things happening durning the day if you see something or someone that dont belong on your street call the police and tell them whats going on....or ask the college pd to do and few area checks.


  7. Tierra Shores is a really nice place to live, and please know that there is also a neighborhood watch. You will be happy to move to Tierra Shores. The people are very involved in their community and for what it's worth we have a night time security guard. That is why we have to get involved in becoming a city. We definately need our own police. It is also important to know that there is crime everywhere. And we must keep our doors locked when we aren't home and even when we are home. I have a security system also. We moved from south orange county and lived in a nice area, and our neighbor was robbed.Crime is everywhere but we must also do our part. I hope you will be happy in Tierra Shores.

  8. Who saw the news lastnight?

    MSJC Police, Riverside Fire Dept do good deed for family in Menifee!!

    It was a great story and very heart warming for the holidays.

    Channel 9 News did a segment on thier police department helping a mother of nine kids who had no money, no x-mas gifts, and no food.

    Nice to see someone took the time out and cares.

    God Bless them.

  9. I think it is great they helped out the kids but why does she have 9 kids?

  10. lol good question.

  11. The mother of the eight kids had four of which were hers and the rest she adopted from broken, drug addict homes. This women sacraficed her own needs to rasise these children and give them a better life. I see nothing funny about this story. It was very heart warming and made me cry, mabey you should have watched it before you commented.

  12. Buy a gun! This sort of thing doesn't happen in places like Arizona, where Americans still own and carry guns. Criminals think twice before kicking in your front door when they know they'll be looking into the barrel of a .45!

  13. lol wut a bs pro-gun comment. absolutely ridiculous. is that why arizona had the baseline killer. and that other high profile arizona killer. the one shooting people from his car.

  14. The comment about buying a gun has been a consideration between my husband and I. Because I have three children I am a little afraid of having one.

  15. get an alarm system or a dog. kids are always doing stupid things, getting into trouble, always trying to find new ways to get hurt. wait til they are older and mature enough to handle gun responsibility before you get a gun. where they wont try to sneak your gun in their backpack to show off to friends at school.

  16. Just an added note to the recent roberies. I dont live in Tierra Shores but moved here in 2004. Just shortly after we moved into our house, our front door was broken down during the mid morning hours while we were briefly away. During that time there was still construction crews working in our neighborhood. We were told that it is very commom for the construction workers to case houses while working on them or doing toouch ups. Its always best to hide all valuables until all work is done on your new home. We have alot of construction going on around Menifee and who knows, dont trust anyone!

  17. on the door knocking and attempt force entry. I live in Tierra Shores and 2 times one day one night some scum bag av white male asked if so and so lived here the first time my wife ans the door and was nice, the second time at night i was home alone and my usual car in the drive was gone i think i surprised him by ans the door, he asked for a girl amy and i promptly told him to get the F off my property i know what he is up to. the lil scum ran and i called the police. they came out and camped out but no luck. As for the the attempt to gain entry I always lock doors home or not several times 3 at night 2 at day when i came home early some one try the front door to see if open. we all know who live here it is a distinct noise. Now i have a dog and an alarm but to be honest if some scum bag wants in they will come in. It is not a pro gun add or a nut, but a 5 cent lead bullet is enuff to deter and end the day of someone who is a bottom feeder. BTW on all incidents the sheriff was called and they came out all but two times which is great.

  18. "Pro-gun bs"? Are you kidding me? "That's why Arizona had the baseline killer"? Are you an idiot? That's the problem with America, people like you. Trying to take guns, rights, freedoms, away from the masses because of a very small few. So the killer was provoked by the gun talking to him? The gun jumped in his hand and shot all by itself? WAKE UP AMERICA! Deal with the REAL problem and don't take the chicken s@#% way out.
    I own guns, for sport. I keep them locked up and NEVER pull them out other than to use them. There is smart gun control and safety in having a firearm. I bet more people are killed in a car, or by a car, everyday than killed by a gun shot wound. Last time I checked buying a car was pretty easy. Not even a background check. So I propose we make it illegal to purchase a car because little Johnny got ran over last week by a raging lunatic.
    WAKE UP!

  19. I live in Tierra Shores and have not experienced any crime. I have read some of the replies as well as the initial edited comment I feel if someone is going to make accusations against a community or place thoughts of crime in readers heads they should not be doing it anonymously, Tierra Shores is a beautiful, gated, resort community.
    Tierra Shores
    The Cove

  20. I live in Tierra Shores and have not experienced any problems my next door neighbor had his auto broken into and across the street was a very bad man but he has since move out of the neighborhood. There is now 24hr security and they change the gate code frequently there is a latch that is about $2 you can buy a Lowes that prevent anyone from getting in it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

  21. I dont live in tierra shores, I live in the andalusia community, which right now seems to be on a downward spiral.
    We lived here for 3 years waiting for the houses to drop in price so we can buy a home. and since then we've had a truck stolen,our car was burglarized a few times, and just last saturday a stereo stolen out of my husbands pickup.
    If i had a gun- you better believe whoever was doing it- would have took one to the head.
    Someone has to stop them, security and police dont seem to scare these people one bit.
    A man tried to jiggle the doors to 2 homes to see if they were open in the past 2 weeks. ON THE SAME STREET.

    For a reason.... they get away with it.

    im sick and tired of low lifes.

    boondock saints had the right idea.

  22. Tierra Shores is a beautiful place to live. I’ve lived here for almost two years, and all in all the community far exceeds the surrounding rivals. However with that being said you will find certain draw backs if you choose to live here. Such as an elected board president who sends out a non-elected resident to spy on the residents of the community. Most mornings or early afternoons this person can be seen using binoculars as he peers across the lake looking into my home or any number of homes bordering the lake. A complaint on this matter with merit has yet to yield any suitable results. But hey welcome to our little community.

    Signed; Thelma

  23. I live in Tierra Shores and have heard and seen a lot of problems. Security does go by my house every 20-30 minutes but that doesn't stop the little punk kids that have been breaking into our homes. We have had 4 break-ins in the last 2 weeks, one being during the day. We just had the police helicopter circling Tierra shores the other night and that really freaked me out. We called Security and found out they were looking for a 14 year old boy who was on drugs, and the police found out he was the one breaking into all these houses. That is CRAZY! 14 years old!!!! Up until know, we have loved living here. Security here is great! We do have have not so friendly neighbors living here, but besides that, It's an ok place to live...... For now..........

  24. I agree with the last message someone posted. It's sad that we get a notice on our door about people breaking into our homes, but nobody gives us any info once they find out who it was, or that they even caught the person! So sad that the police over our homes late at night flashing lights in our windows, doesn't make anyone think maybe we should update everyone living in Tierra Shores about what's going on so they can feel safe again. Security might be great here, but the lady in charge of the community that lives on Northshore doesn't keep us informed. I thought she was supposed to welcome new homeowners as well? Haven't seen her once but have heard about here. Not very friendly! But hey, welcome to Tierra Shores!

    And maybe we don't add our names on this because we don't need anymore problems living here. Let's fix the problems we have been dealing with first, then maybe we can all sit down like adults and give you our names.

  25. We moved to Tierra Shores several years ago. If we knew what we know now we never would have bought a home here. We have experienced racial discrimination in the community and we overheard neighbors saying that they would get us out because we were "renters". Our children were harrassed by drunkenneighbors who were calling them hoolums. We have had a brand new motorcycle stolen out of our garage, bicycles, skate boards and who knows how many other items. The security guards cruz by our homes looking at us like we are criminals. When we walk our dog or our son does his daily run around the community we are followed by the security gaurds. We have seriously considered hiring an attorney to look into this nonsense. We may not look like the average Joe Blo because we are not caucasian but we don't deserve this crap. We can't sell right now because of the housing market so for right now we are SOL. And, we too got the notice about the buglaries in the community FINALLY. When we got burglarized now body gave a S____. So when others started get the same thing then the community got interested hummmm. And we wonder if this kid or his parents would be interested in returning the property that he probably stole from us. And finally, we also noticed that he was not immediately arrested because we noted the police car in front of the home hours after the helicopter and police left. When all the commotion was taking place we walked out on our balcony and saw police walking from our backyard (what the heck). We asked them what was going on and if needed to be concerned for our safety he acted as if we were doing something wrong (what the heck). WE HATE IT HERE!

  26. I too have something to say regarding all the talk about Tierra Shores. I heard they caught the boy that was breaking into our homes, a couple of days later, then kept him for a couple of days, and let him out AGAIN!

    What is Tierra Shores going to do about that? His parents IMO, don't really care about what we all think. I know he is a child, but what type of actions are being done that this kid doesn't do it again? And, he still hasn't even gave people their stuff back. That's on his parents. I do have kids BUT, if my kids ever did this to anyone else, I would make sure I return EVERYTHING.

    I do believe in 2nd changes because my kids are FAR FROM PERFECT, but can we at least talk about getting the stuff returned. I do feel very sad for the family, but let's all do the right thing and stand together. We don't want everybody bad mouthing the place we call home.

    I do feel the parents of this kid should say Sorry for the fear they caused all of us. I didn't even feel safe in my own house because I was told someone was breaking into our homes. I was never told it was a kid doing all this crazy stuff! I do have small kids and my husband works crazy shifts. He is gone 12 hours a day so you can see why I didn't feel safe in my own home. That's why I really think we deserve one small word, SORRY!

  27. We just moved here a couple of months ago and we hate it! I really wish I would have known back then, what I know now. Would have saved me a lot of money! People are very stuck up and very rude! Kids running around in the middle of the night, and nobody say's anything? Parents letting kids set off fireworks???? Where the heck is security when you really need them?

    Now we have pool rules? Give me a break? We are only allowed to bring 2 guest with us? And we pay all this money to luve here? I am going to bring who I want, and when I want! I am so sick of this! Move out of this place as fast as you can! Run! Tierra Shore's sucks!

  28. I just had my computer and camera stolen from my home this mourning. I was gone for about 45 minutes and forgot to close my sliding glass window. This turned out to be a huge mistake on my behalf. I still can't believe that some punk kid had the nerve to come into my house and steal from me. His parents should be shot!

  29. I have lived in Menifee just a little over 2 Years now...
    About once a month the "ADT" security salesman make his rounds in my neighborhood. I don't answer the door for him anymore. My husband on the other hand has. The salesman trys to convince my husband to buy a security system for our home, that "last week there where several breakins in our neighborhood" and that "we sould secure our home" with their products. My husband asked the guy for the police reports as of proof, he can't provide such information. Then he tried several other salesman pitches...my husband let him "pull out all he had" (my husband the sales guy himself was not sold). So after letting the guy waste his time with my husband, my husband informed the salesman that we already had a security system in place...the nearve of the salesman wanted to know what type (brand). Thats non of his business.
    My point is, that is if your still reading this is, becareful when talking to these so salesman they my also be theives... I used to work with someone who had a second job he installed these "security systems" and he said that some of his coworkers would case the inside of "clients homes" for their "goods"...you put two and two together!!!1

  30. Tierra Shores is starting a Neighborhood Watch program. If you live in the community this is good news. Neighborhood watch is a proven method for preventing crime. This is a great way for community members to get involved in something that is not governed by the HOA or the management company.

  31. Hey everyone, part of the problem with break-ins MAY be the high amount of vacant properties due to foreclosures. (I don't know, but just posting another possibility). Some realtors accidentally forget to lock up a house, so these theives test out the doors - if they are open, JACKPOT! They'll steal anything, even the kitchen cabinets. It's happening everywhere.

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  33. I want to bring attention to the many health risks of living in Tierra Shores. I myself have over $40,000.00 in medical bills due to illness related to many environmental agents and toxins present in industrial waste such as leakage from Wilderness Lakes septic tanks, a live stock dairy farm (4,000 cows), A chicken farm (1 million) and nearby crops that lay sludge toxins and Tierra shores is downwind from all these toxins. Neither the Septic leakage nor chicken farms were disclosed at any time or in any portion of my buyer’s contract. Many former home owners of Tierra Shores have moved due to illness even death in their family. People are dying from Tierra shores I know of 3 in the past year many others are very ill anything from liver failure , heart, gastro intestinal disease, allergies, asthma, Thyroid disease, anxiety and other symptoms of living near a live stock farms. I have never seen so many people sick or die in one neighborhood this scares me. These farms pollute the air in many ways, emitting foul odors, airborne particles, greenhouse gases, and numerous toxic chemicals like Hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia, and carbon dioxide are the major hazardous gases produced by decomposing manure. Check out this website. AND THAN RUN FROM THIS PLACE http://www.sustainabletable.org/issues/airpollution/
    I find so much information when I Google living near live stock farms. This Place is a health hazard and someone needs to do something.
    * Animals generate waste. While many traditional crops and livestock operations use manure as a fertilizer.
    *People who live near or work at factory farms breathe in hundreds of gases.
    *The researchers, from Utrecht University, measured increased levels of particulate matter containing microbes and microbial toxins near livestock farms.
    *Pollution from Livestock Farms Threatens Public Health



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