Cityhood for Menifee Valley

The Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee (MVIC) has recently been reorganized with several new members. The incorporation process requires the accumulation of signatures equating to 25% of the registered voters. This has been accomplished and the next task is developing a plan that will complete a successful fiscal analysis, complete certain studies and maps and get cityhood on the ballot. The committee is in need of more interested people who can attend meetings, contribute positive ideas and take on assignments in support of our future city.

Cityhood means many things to different people but I feel that the two keys reasons for becoming a city are home rule and our taxes stay here to help us grow. Right now we are a "ward" of the County and as such have people in Riverside making decisions for us. Supervisor Jeff Stone is very supportive of this effort and will continue to have our best interests in mind. However we need people who live here, children go to school here, attend church here to make the daily decisions for our community.

You may have heard about Assembly Bill 1602 that would provide our new community with additional tax income in the early years of our city. This provision is not new but was deleted in the recent State financial upheavel. That bill has passed both the Assembly and the Senate and is awaiting the Govenor's signature. This will give us additional Vehicle License Fee (VLF) for the first five years.

I invite you to the regularly scheduled MVIC meetings. We meet the first and third Wednesday in the Rural Community Center on Haun Road at 7:00pm. Come join this group of concerned citizens as they push toward cityhood.


  1. If the city of Menifee Valley is incorporated will it include the community at Heritage Lake located at McCall Blvd and Menifee?

  2. In answer to the above comment, the answer is yes. The community of Menifee is currently defined by the Riverside County Local Agency Formation Commission. The borders of Menifee in the Heritage Lake area runs along Briggs Rd, then follows the railroad tracks, and then runs along Hwy 74, and then on up to Ethanac Rd.

  3. Ron said,
    If Heritage Lake is east of Menifee Road at McCall, then it is outside the boundary of the proposed Menifee Valley. Menifee Road is the eastern boundary from Simpson north to Rouse.

  4. "New Stater Market and shopping center planned for Menifee."

    Looks like the new proposed Stater Market, to be located on the northwest corner of Menifee and McCall, will be in the boundry of our new city. That should help the tax base.

  5. Does anyone know what is going on with the shopping center that is suppose to be built off the I-215 and Newport?

  6. I-215 and Newport Shopping Center. Proposed Start Date"

    At a meeting last week, Jeffrey Chambers, the VP of development for the "Countryside Marketplace" at I-215 and Newport stated we should see ground work starting by the first of the new year. (2007) The project is 100% funded and, once started, will be completely finished. Being the large size, approx. 700,000 sq feet, it will take 18 months to complete.