Menifee Parade! July 1st, 2006

WANTED: Parade Participants to join us in our Community Parade, July 1st, 2006. We welcome all groups such as: Sports Groups, Boy or Gir...

WANTED: Parade Participants to join us in our Community Parade, July 1st, 2006. We welcome all groups such as: Sports Groups, Boy or Girl Scout Troops, Dance Groups, Marching Bands, Homemade Floats, Bike Riders, Scooter Riders, Car Clubs, etc.

WHO IS SPONSORING IT? Lake Menifee Women's Club has hosted an annual "Independence Day Celebration" for the past 15 years and this year's celebration should prove to be our Best ever.

WHEN? Saturday, July 1st, 2006.

WHERE? We kick off the event with a Community Parade beginning at 5pm down "La Piedra" starting from the MSJC Parking Lot and ending at the Valley-Wide Wheatfield Sports Park. The Fair (held at the Wheatfield Park)will directly follow the Parade with many Vendors, Food Booths, Games for the kids and concluding with a Firework Show at 9pm.


CONTACT: "Marcy Riehm" @ (951) 377-6089

Marcy Riehm
President 2005/2006
Lake Menifee Women's Club


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  1. Costco Wholesale is always willing to help and Participate in this event please call to let us know if we can attend with a booth to promote our membership and help the community

  2. Please keep Menifee looking clean.

    Signs posted all over the city need to be taken down. Garage sale signs are fine as long as they are all taken down after the event. All other signs are are not fine and make our city looking very trashy. If you see these such signs, please take a moment and remove them.

    Thank you. This small effort by all of us will make our city one of the cleanest around.

  3. Dear Joan Kenney,
    Please have Costco Wholesale contact our Booth Chairperson, Gloria Hetland @ 672-7277 for an application for this years event.

  4. To: Anonymous in regards to signs in the Menifee area.
    I'm not sure why you blogged under this article. Our Menifee Lakes Master Association has approved our professional signs to be used to announce all events in the Menifee Lakes area. These signs are put up a few days prior to each event and are taken down the day after the event.
    We hope that this meets with most of our neighboors approval. We too want a clean looking Menifee.

  5. Regarding signs:

    Please accept my apology for this obvious misunderstanding. I was not writing regarding the professional signs used to announce all events in the Menifee Lakes area. I am a resident of Menifee with complete approval of your compliance with his matter.

    I was writing regarding the unprofessional signs not approved by The Menifee Lakes Master Association. These signs make a mess and make our city an unattractive place for future prospective residences & businesses.

    An example of these signs usually are from business promoting their products. These signs are never taken down after the event has taken place. These signs are handwritten signs. These signs are also unwelcome by most residence of Menifee who want to see a better Menifee.

    Thanks for your understanding. Please continue making Menifee a better place to live. Thank you.

  6. I am in much agreement. Thank you so much for your comments!!

  7. Marcy,

    I hope the event was a success. My family and I planned to attend, but with small children, the 105 degree day kept us at home. I hope others braved the heat.

  8. Yes, the heat was just awful, however by the early evening the breeze picked up and it was actually kind of nice out there!!
    We had a HUGE turn out!! Our food vendors actually sold out.
    The evening Balloon Glow was beautiful and the Fireworks were great!!
    I hope those attended and a great time.

  9. Marcy,

    First of all let me say, hats off to all the women of your group that made this event possible. Being that the "majority" of your parade participants where children, my self and "many" others feel the parade it self should be started later. Thus to beat the heat. I have spoken to Mrs. Tammy Sievers to not let her ballet classes march next year. The heat of all these little ones is just too much. My daughter is 4 1/2 and little face was BLISTERING red not to mention mommies. It's too hot for all these little ones. Unless we can come up with a way for them to ride in a car. Just a thought.

    Cristy Dockery

  10. Dear Christy:
    I must agree, the heat was just terrible this year. However, honestly this year was the worst. In years past (and I have done the Parade for 7 years) it has never been quite this hot.
    It was just unfortunate that the heat fell on that weekend.
    As far as having the Parade at a later time really limits us for starting the entire Event at 5pm due to the closing of streets for the Parade. As it is, many people get very upset that they can't get into the Park between 5-530pm during the Parade closures.
    I wish I had a perfect solution!!!

  11. How about getting rid of the 2006 information and putting up the 2007 calendar 6/11/07
    Lorrie Zernickow

  12. There's a new stop sign at Antelope and Aldergate. Use it! It has been reported that residents from the new neighborhood at north Antelope are not stopping. License plate numbers are being recorded and will be turned over to RSO.



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