Kaiser and the Miracle They Couldn’t Prevent

Greetings fellow Menifee residents…. I know this website is geared toward discussing the likes of our emerging city in the way of building ...

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Greetings fellow Menifee residents….

I know this website is geared toward discussing the likes of our emerging city in the way of building projects in the area, politics, opinions on our leaders, changes taking place in our community, etc., but I have a story that I just have to tell.

My wife and I have three children; a three-year-old daughter, and twin boys, 17 months old.

About six weeks ago one of my boys was diagnosed with a condition called Glue Ear. The symptoms for this illness included constant ear infections, burst ear drums, including green and yellow puss discharge due to infection, slurred and/or impaired speech, and a stammering in ones walk or gate. My son had all of the above.

My family and I were members of Kaiser Permanente for almost two years. We took my son in to see his doctor in Riverside at least a half a dozen times to be treated for ear infections. Each time the solution was to medicate. At our last visit we literally begged the doctor to refer him to a specialist as we knew he was in constant pain and didn’t see an end in sight. Kaiser, of course, refused.

Eight weeks ago we changed insurance providers. After a couple of visits we were referred to a specialist.

My son had tubes surgically implanted in both of his ears this morning at 7:00 a.m. My wife stayed home with our other two children while I took my son to the hospital. I feel blessed that I was able to be there for my son when he woke up in my arms. I will never forget the moment. He smiled at me when he opened his eyes after being under. He is such a good baby. Not one tear the whole time (at least by him). Although he did express some irritation at the heart monitor on his toe!

I know you will think this is crazy, but only a couple of hours after the surgery our son had already said two new words, "bar" (we gave him a fruit bar) & "Popeye" (from the show we just put on for him). He spoke as clear as you and I would say it. These are his first words other than Dadda, Momma and nana (for banana). His twin brother has been talking for months.

The doctor said his hearing would be improved immediately, like Lasik Surgery for the eye. They weren't kidding! As I loaded him in the car from the hospital his head was snapping around at the cars pulling in and out of the parking lot and at the sounds of car doors closing. He is behaving like he is hearing things he hasn't heard before ;or at least much clearer. I know he is. It's amazing!

If you're a parent I know you know how we as parents feel. We are elated that our son can finally hear like other kids!

My wife and I have been on an emotional free fall all morning watching our "new and improved" son emerge. The drugs they gave him are wearing off, and it's getting better, literally, by the hour! We are witnessing a miracle taking place! It's like someone turned on a switch inside him. He's a totally different kid. Even his walk is different. He seems more sure of himself. He is now up to 5 or 6 totally new words he has never spoken before (and he's been asleep for the past two hours). Like I said, he only knew three words at 6:00 a.m. this morning. I get chills hearing his new words for the first time!

You know how you can tell when your kid is not feeling well? Even if there is no clear symptoms, you can just tell? Well, the opposite is also true here. When you have lived with your kid for his/her entire life and he/she is disabled, ill or hindered in one way or another, then a few hours later he/she is more confidant, clearer in his speech, responding better to your voice, etc.... Well, you just know.... I seriously don't have the words to describe it other than "miracle."

Our son, in a matter of a couple of hours, went from a kid with constant ear infections, puss running out of his ears, stammering when he walked, running into walls because his equilibrium was so messed up, mumbling nonsense, to a kid who walks with new confidence, and speaks with a clear tongue as though he's always been this way.

I don't know if any of you reading this believe in God and the power of miracles or not. For me and my family, we just received our resounding affirmation!

My mother once told me before I had any children “when you’re a parent, you will only be as happy as your saddest child.” Today, life just got a whole lot better!


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  1. Great story. My son had brain surgery due to a head injury when he was just three years old. His scar is a constant reminder of what is most important in life. He is fine and each day is a blessing with my kids.

  2. Brian, what a wonderful story! I really am happy to hear that about your son.

    I'm a big believer in buying the best insurance. It's situations like this one when you really need good doctors.

  3. 1st of our twin boys was diagnosed with a wandering eye; the doctor already performed a corrective surgery but he needed to do another one to fix it. I totally forgot about our son's pre-op the following day, good thing my wife reminded me of his appointment; she was praying at the time and I was heading to the bathroom to clean-up and retire for the night. She asked me to pray for our son's pre-op appointment and it became a habit to me to pray whenever and whatever I was doing, only this time while I was brushing my teeth.
    So there I was brushing and praying at the same time; then it happened, I heard this voice in my head, somebody said "Go to him, put your hand over his wandering eye and pray". I thought I was going nuts or hearing things, so I just ignored it and I heard it again. So I figured, why not; I went to my son's room and I placed my hand to his bad eye and started praying and my son eventually woke up and started crying and I told my wife that he's ok and was having a bad dream. I never told her about the "Voice".
    The following morning, we took him to the doctor for his pre-op; normally the doc would spend 30-45 minutes examining my son, not even five minutes later my wife and my son step out of his office. My wife told me that the doc thinks he does not have a wandering eye anymore and that he will get the surgery; and that the doc is calling his fellow surgeon to confirm his findings. All this time while waiting for them at the waiting room I was wearing my shades, and I was starting to cry and tremble. The other doc came in and called my wife and son back in the office to look at him again; not even five minutes again my wife and son were out the door and my wife have the surprised look on her face. She said the doctors could not explain what or how it happened; but it happend my son is healed.
    After that I can barely contain myself, I told her what happened the night before. Even as I am typing my story right now I am still in awe of GOD's mighty powers.
    The Best Insurance Policy and Greatest Surgeon on earth is the only One and Only Living GOD. HE will never leave you nor forsake you.

    Jon Tuason

    I forgot my username/password, that's why I am posting anon.

  4. THANKFULLY you switched insurance. I wouldn't take my animals to Kaiser...

  5. Hi Brian,
    I just read your story about your son, God is good. My heart is for the children and parents of them who go through the pain of knowing their child is sick and must go through surgery. My son has had 2 heart surgeries. But God is good and faithful, and a miracle worker. And it is exactly as you said there is nothing more joyful to see them healed.

    Many Blessings to you and yours,

  6. Hello Brian,
    You also bring up a good point about the insurance. Through my experience of dealing with insurance and doctors for my son's care with heart surgery. I learned the parent knows alot even when they are not doctors. And when I was pregnant with my third and going to get insuance, The receptionist told me I was doing it the wrong way, which I knew was not true. She assumed I was wrong and said If I did not do things her way I could not see the doctor. I told her she could not do that, her counter partner said she could because she is his wife. Well I did get my insurance the way I told her I would. & of course went to another doctor. It disturbed me though because she mentioned she tells all her girls this. She thinks the system is messing them up, she also said. But she does not realize she was and she was to cocky to listen to a patient. I knew I could not tell her I would do it her way and I tried to explain why,but she did not want to hear it from a patient. At the time I was really upset. But I think she just really believed her way was right.

  7. I do want to mention that the majority of insurance workers and Doctors I have had the pleasure of having are great at what they do and their professions and listening to their patients with sincerity, Kindness, and patience. I thank God for them and their skills & that we have people with a love to learn how to help people.

  8. Thank you all for your stories, your support and prayers. I'm glad our story has blessed many of you!

  9. Wow, what a great story and testimony. I don't have any insurace stories, I have always had a PPO, although qute costly and full of my complaints throughout the years. I don't have sick children nor have I personally had a situation of any sorts with my children. I am truely blessed and have forgotten how much, to some extent. We get busy and caught up in our daily lives, the hussle and bussle and forget that things could be worse than our "bad day" or someone we know and love could be hurting, whether it be our child, relative, or a friend in need. ~Thank you Brian for sharing your story. Your words and story have made a differnce in my life today! GOD IS GOOD and I will not forget! I will be praying for your son's continued healing!

  10. Hi Brian, I read your story and I totally agree with you as far as Kaiser ignoring us parents who live with our children night and day about what may be wrong with our kids. I still am a Kaiser customer and have been debating about changing insurances for sometime now. I after reading your story I have made up my mind and have convinced my husband to switch insurances. Now I am shopping for health insurances and wanted to ask you which one did you pick and how much better is it so far than Kaiser. I have been with Kaiser for a long time and I guess I was just used to it but a few months ago my 5 year old had a terrible fever that would not break with medication and like you I took her in to Wildomar Kaiser 3 times and called almost everyday and spoke with a nurse before I finally decided to take her to Riverside Kaiser where she was diagnosed with a bladder infection that could have afected her kidneys if left untreated for much longer because it was a pretty serious infection according to the doctor that treated her. My story does not compare to yours but it kills knowing some of us are paying a ridiculous amount of money each month for our insurance for Kaiser doctors to just treat us like animals instead of humans. Thank you for your time if you reply and I am happy to hear your son is doin real good.



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