How Can You Help With Cityhood?

The Californian ran a newspaper article last December 20 about a man named R. Eric Madrid, a family physician, who works in Temecula, but li...

The Californian ran a newspaper article last December 20 about a man named R. Eric Madrid, a family physician, who works in Temecula, but lives in Menifee. The article doesn't appear to be on the newspaper's website anymore.

But the article said that Madrid built a website called "City of Menifee" as part of his effort to help with achieving Menifee cityhood.

I've seen his website, and have communicated with him several times, and I think he's a great advocate for our community, and is an example of someone trying to do something to help with Cityhood?

So, what can YOU do to help with Cityhood?

Join the Economic Development Committee at Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce.

The EDC works with the County of Riverside to attract new businesses and build new infrastructure here in the Menifee Valley. In fact, last August the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce sent out forms to area businesses and interested residents asking them what improvements do they see most necessary. This form was published here on Menifee 24/7.

The thing that's keeping Menifee from becoming a city is a taxable revenue base. After voters approved Cityhood several elections ago, an independent auditor found that there is not enough of a revenue base to support a city. We need more shopping centers, more business parks, more restaurants, more employers. We need road improvements to encourage out-of-towners to drive through our community and patronize our businesses.

Joining the Economic Development Committee is probably the best way for area residents to help in the building of business in the Menifee Valley, ultimately helping achieve Cityhood. You'll have to become a member of the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce before you can serve on this committee. The good news is that anyone can join the Chamber, not just business owners, and you'll find membership fees to be very inexpensive.


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  1. Here is the article below for your review:

    Resident utilizes Web to improve Menifee Valley's visibility

    By: BRIAN ECKHOUSE - Staff Writer

    MENIFEE ---- Los Angeles native R. Eric Madrid long had perceived Southwest Riverside County as a desert with isolated gas stations and mobile homes. That's the image he recalled from a drive through Temecula 15 years ago.

    Now, the relatively new resident of Menifee is a leading advocate for the community's cityhood movement ---- even if most members of the incorporation campaign, including Menifee area resident and Perris Union High School District Trustee Joe Daugherty, don't know who he is.

    All they know about him that he has put up an unofficial Web site for the community,, whose name, Madrid acknowledges, is a promise that remains unfulfilled.

    "I like it," Daugherty said of the site. "It's a work in progress."

    The effort to forge a city in Menifee Valley, which includes Sun City and Quail Valley, has stagnated after a preliminary study indicated the area lacked the financial base to support incorporation.

    That hasn't deterred Madrid.

    "Everyone speaks of us as if it is a city," said Madrid, 33, a family physician who practices in Temecula. "It's forward-thinking, progressive, though."

    In their short time in Menifee, Madrid and his family are not just settled in; they are comfortable, he said. The community is surprisingly diverse, he said, and full of recreational opportunities.

    It's hardly the lonely, endless desert that he envisioned.

    "I didn't want to be in the middle of the desert having to drive to L.A. or San Diego (for fun)," he said.

    On the advice of his father, he began looking for a home in the region and found Menifee as a young, emerging community with good public schools and affordable homes. Now, he wants to promote what Menifee has to offer.

    The Web site, which he launched in mid-July, includes links to the Menifee Union School District and Menifee businesses, as well as news snippets about the community from local newspapers. He summarizes the area's demographics and identifies the community's place in Riverside County and Southern California.

    He said he started the site because he found few resources online that promoted Menifee.

    "I continue to add resources, information about local businesses," Madrid said. "If people want to write articles, please contact me. And I'm looking for a logo ---- an unofficial logo."

    Daugherty said he came across the site by accident.

    "I had never heard of it," he said. "So I sent an e-mail (to Madrid), just wondering who hosts it, who is behind it."

    Daugherty is hopeful Madrid's site will stick around, in contrast to other sites that have been seen on the Internet about the area.

    "We've had lots of them, but they don't last for some reason," he said.

    Daugherty said he assumed the host was a well-known community activist and cityhood advocate.

    Madrid, however, said he has no plans to run for a public office ---- at least not anytime soon. He hasn't joined a chamber of commerce, but he said he'd probably join one eventually. Given his interest in the community, however, it may be inevitable that Madrid will become a familiar voice and face in Menifee affairs.

    More than a year ago, his father recommended Temecula as an ideal community for Madrid and his wife, Whanda, to raise their family. They have two boys ages 7 and 4, and two 3-month-old twin kittens.

    "People are attracted to the nice homes in Temecula and Murrieta," Madrid said.

    The housing market in Temecula and Murrieta was too expensive, they decided. For $475,000, they could have bought nothing larger than a 1,500-square-foot home there.

    So they looked a tad north and found Menifee. For that same $475,000, they bought a sprawling five-bedroom, 3,500-square-foot home.

    "It's a great place to live and raise a family," Madrid said. "The kids love it. Any given day, there are six or seven kids outside riding bikes. And there are great schools here."

    Madrid doesn't mind the slower pace of Menifee compared to his native Los Angeles.

    "It's more country, Menifee," he said. "I see open land. In L.A., to see an acre ... with nothing on it ---- you just don't see it."

    Contact staff writer Brian Eckhouse at (951) 676-4315, Ext. 2626, or


    Comments On This Story

    Benny wrote on December 24, 2005 10:35 AM:"When the going gets tough, the complainers move! Bye 'Sick of Menifee' and C.H., we'll miss you! Let me know when you find the 'perfect world' You know what they say.. the grass is always greener in your own bubble! I've been a resident in Menifee for only five years and have the complete opposite experience from the previous posts. I like the people I've met in town, my neighbors are great and climate is the best. I don't care where you go, there are always racist morons and misguided teenagers. This is a great time to take back your town! I see this as a new community that can be shaped by the people. I believe with a little contribution, leadership and vision, we all have the ability to change our environment, for the better. We could all sit down at the computer and complain about just about anything if we try hard enough. We could also uproot ourselves every time there is opposition or when things are hard. That's not the lesson I want to teach my kids. I think what Mr. Madrid is doing is great and wish him much success. I also want to encourage him to keep fighting the good fight. benny"

    Sick of Menifee wrote on December 22, 2005 12:36 PM:"Menifee is getting to much credit in this story. Madrid mentions that the schools are great! Far from the truth. PVHS Breeds racism, PVHS does not do anything to bring all the kids together and teach them unity. Menifee is a breeding ground for hatred. Only thing I have found good in Menifee is the Real Estate Market. Can not wait for my kids to be done with High School so I can sale all of my homes that I have purchased in Menifee over the past three years and makes lots of money."

    W.T. wrote on December 21, 2005 9:19 AM:"I believe Menifee will be the incorporated city of the future. i have visited Menifee on several occasions and in my opinion has potential to become a great city. I might be bias since I am the father-in-law of R. Madrid"

    Candace wrote on December 20, 2005 4:07 PM:"And pretty soon Madrid, you and others will create another L.A. So enjoy the "country" for as long as you can because pretty soon there won't be any country left for you to enjoy!"

    C.H. wrote on December 20, 2005 2:48 PM:"You can have it! I have lived in that community for the past four years. And Madrid is living in fantasy land! It's an unkept commmunity with the increase of gang scribling on any available surface they can find. We just purchased a home in a more favorable community and we can hardly wait until we move! Good riddens Menifee!"

  2. Menifee Lakes was developed as a small college and golf community, not a city. I was sad to loose neighbors with wonderful horses for tacky tract houses. I came 20 years ago to live way out here to hunt for quail and dove and have great country BBQ's, and get free range eggs. I am okay with working for less wages than city people who sadly need so many material comforts. It is sad to see you poor wanna-be city folk trying to make Menifee a city. Are you proud of the gang transplants that you are grouped with bringing here? What a sorry lot some of you are. Clean up the mess YOU came along with - before making plans of how else to mess up this area. Obviously, you bought because you like a model home. You never did your real homework, did you? The country was much prettier before you arrived. Besides, it was not physically laid out to be a successful "city". It is too late to plan for what is already done to the geographic area. Face it, you are too poor or too cheap to be able to buy a "city" house- maybe where you work? If this cityhod idea is the direction all these newbies want- then at least have the sense to work toward Menifee being annexed with a nearly existing "city". Start thinking like the original residence of the area- think smart-and do not dummy us down.

  3. new comer to Menifee,
    As I read the post' here, it makes me feel scared. I have kids I need to enroll in all three schools and that includes PVHS. I brought my kids here because I like the area and true, I loved the affordable homes. Who can say PVHS is a great school? Is there really racism at the schools here? what makes you feel that way? If that is the case what is PVHS doing to prevent this? my high school kids are really afraid to go to school here already and with comments like the one previously posted are just terrifying us as new comers. So far, a lot of the people I have met are pretty nice.

  4. Menifee is a nice town and is getting overpopulated with folks. I love living here and want it to be a small town, not a city. As for crime, gangs and drugs...well no city or town can escape that. We just need to use the tools and resources available to us. We should not go out and contrat law enforcement with the Sheriff, it's too expensive. We should also not go and buil an expensive police department. We should look into contracting services from a small agency like the Mt San Jacinto Meniffee College Police Department. They are small, effective, high visibilty, reduced crime in that small area of Menifee Lakes in the last two years and probabley more cost effective. Someone should really look into this!

  5. If you feel so strongly about what you have posted here why don't you use your name. Let's drop in to reality Menifee has to become a city to survive and thrive and yes that does bring problems which if we were a city they would be dealt with. It would'nt take the sheriff 45 to 60 minutes to answer a 911 call.
    All of you that think just because you were raised here or moved here 20 years ago and no one else should enjoy Menifee should find an compound somewhere in Montana or Idaho and move there. There is plenty of space left in Menifee for everyone no matter what your lifestyle is.
    I've lived here all my life. We bought a new home on an acre of land. I've seen the longtime residents trespass on my property to hike or walk their dogs because they have been "doing it for years" or riding their motorcycles on an easement on our property because they have been "doing it for years". We have signs and fences which they disregard. Just because you lived here for years does not give you right to do these things because you don't like the progress in Menifee.
    Cityhood is not coming fast enough for me!

  6. Jacquie,

    Well if you noticed, I did not write all the other stuff and only the law enforcement issue. So before you point out who is anonymous, please get your story straight. I don't care wether it becomes a city or not, i just care about the public safety in menifee. As for not using a name, well, i just have not figured out the blogger system yet. Not everyone sits behind a computer all day and has time to st up accounts.