Traffic Dangers at Oak Meadows Elementary School

A Menifee 24/7 reader wrote to me about his concerns over students putting themselves in harm's way when walking to their parents' cars after school. I'm reprinting his letter here:
Hi Steve, Just a frustrated parent as well as a concerned parent regarding Oak Meadow Elementary School.

Basically, if you have a first, second, third etc. grader going to that school, are you aware that once school is out, the kids are on their own, free to leave the property and wander off wherever they want to go? According to the principal Mrs. Carpenter (formerly Ms. Chirico), "she cannot force students to stay on campus and use the pick up lane". They have a drop off/pick up lane that apparantly extends to Scott Rd. There is nobody telling these young children what they can and cannot do and apparently the principal cannot enforce anything pertaining to the children regarding this matter.

I wonder how many other parents are frustrated with the way this school is being run?
The writer also provided a copy of the response from The Principal, which I won't reprint since I don't have her permission to do so. But she effectively says there is nothing she can do. She spoke to the Murrieta Police Dept., and they can't seem to do anything.

The issue of children J-walking to get to their parent's cars is a legitimate concern. I'm not familiar with this issue, because I haven't witnessed the situation. Though, I've witnessed the madness going on at Ridgemoor Elementary when school gets out, and I agree it's a legitimate concern.

If schools should take on the added responsibility of ensuring the safety of children, before and after school, then it's going to cost money. The district will need to hire additional traffic monitors to keep kids from J-walking, as well as building facilities where kids can wait before and after school. Are we prepared to pony up some more property taxes?

Seems to me this is an issue of parents not taking responsibility for their own children. What's the solution here? Busting bad parents, or raising property taxes?

Menifee-Sun City Chamber Distributes Free TV Antennas

Menifee Sun City Chamber of CommerceThe Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce is distributing free television antennas to folks living in the Menifee Valley, including Sun City and Quail Valley.

It's part of an effort to help residents get local news broadcasts from Temecula's new television station, KZSW. The station went on the air two weeks ago on October 3, on channel 27.

"The antennas have printed instructions with it and it is very easy to set up, stated Mike Martinez of Southwest Television. "Residents can simply follow the instructions for immediate local news coverage of Sun City, Menifee, Murrieta, Hemet and Temecula."

Jerry Stamper, Chairman of the Chamber is ecstatic knowing that Southwest Riverside County has its own television station, broadcasting news and emergency alerts. "We now have the tools to have immediate access to our residents and that means better safety for everyone," stated Stamper.

Residents can drop by the chamber office located between Coco's Restaurant and McDonald's on Bradley Road between the hours of 8:30 to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

For more information, contact the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce, 27994 Bradley Road, Suite I, Sun City, CA 92586 at 951-723-8511.

Scott Light Update?

I was wondering if there is any update for the light at Scott and Antelope? October is coming to an end. The wait at the stop sign is getting really ridiculous. As a matter of fact, when I was looking at homes last year before I bought my current home, my Sunday wait at the stop sign discouraged me from buying my home in the developments off Scott road. Julie, is there a number we can call to expedite this light?

Great Place for Date Night

Okay, so it's not really Menifee, but my husband and I are in love with the restaraunt Rustico on Winchester just north of Murrieta Hot Springs. We happened upon the place on a trip to the Lowes on Winchester and decided to take some visiting friends there for dinner. To our surprise the service was as excellent as the food! We've taken our families there - who, being from San Diego were worried we wouldn't ever be able to eat at any place that wasn't a chain - and they loved it. The gnocchi is out of this world! And I loved their Chicken Vodka - a nice spicy taste. They've got a great wine list and wonderful beers on tap.

The place is never too busy that you have to wait, although they do recommend reservations for groups more than 5.

It's such a lovely place for date night or family night! (I hear the kids macaroni and cheese is great, too).

Check it out -
Rustico Ristorante and Pizzeria
29940 Hunter Rd., Ste. 102Murrieta, CA 92563
Fax 951-698-5154

Murrieta School District Warns Against

I was surprised to see an article in today's edition of The California, regarding the Murrieta School District advising parents to see if their children are visiting "" when using the Internet.

The concern is that a lot of kids are using to publish pornagraphic material, hateful material, gang-related materials, drugs, etc.

What is "" anyways? Well, it's a blog. Ok, so what is a blog? Well, this very website you're reading is a blog. It's a daily journal. It can be about someone's personal life, or about news of what's going in your local community. It can be written by one person, or written by a team of persons.

The truth is that is being made into an example. There are just as many kids using as well. If fact, there are just as many kids using And there are several other similar websites that offer the same services, all for free.

I guess if you're a parent, you should be monitoring your child's activities anyways, regardless of where they publish their online journal.

Here's where my two cents comes in.

It's not the fact they're publishing this kind of material, but the fact that they harbor such hatred or malevolence. If that kind of attitude is within them, then it doesn't matter that they have an online journal. They'll express it one way or another.

Instead of being worried about your child having an online journal, better focus on his or her heart instead.

New Hospital near Menifee

Here is the story about a new hospital that will be located off Antelope and Clinton-Keith. It should be ready in about 3 years. It is the one I had mentioned earlier.