Scott Light Update?

I was wondering if there is any update for the light at Scott and Antelope? October is coming to an end. The wait at the stop sign is getting really ridiculous. As a matter of fact, when I was looking at homes last year before I bought my current home, my Sunday wait at the stop sign discouraged me from buying my home in the developments off Scott road. Julie, is there a number we can call to expedite this light?


  1. Read the news paper they are going to start having people directing traffic.

  2. Below is part of an article from the North County Times

    Stone targets Scott Road for traffic directors:::::

    By: DAVE DOWNEY - Staff Writer

    For Temecula old-timers, it may feel like deja vu. If Supervisor Jeff Stone gets the green light from colleagues next week, traffic directors ---- like the white-gloved folks who used to escort cars across the Rancho California Road and Winchester Road bridges over Interstate 15 ---- may return to Southwest County.

    By early November, a trio of traffic directors could be directing commuters through the maze of stop signs and stopped traffic along Scott Road between Antelope Road and Interstate 215, said Ron Roberts, a member of Stone's staff and a Temecula councilman.

    Stone first proposed the fix in April, saying directors are needed because traffic stacks up at the stop signs and backs up onto the freeway in the evening rush-hour, forcing commuters to wait as long as 20 minutes to negotiate the maze and aggravating flow on I-215.

    Stone placed the item on next week's agenda for the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. The board meets 9 a.m. Tuesday at the County Administrative Center, 4080 Lemon St., Riverside.

  3. Take a look at todays Californian.
    It talks about what info you are looking for.

  4. If you look to each corner of Scott and Antelope you will see the conduits for power and the lag bolts that will hold them down. We are getting closer but it is still way over due.