Murrieta School District Warns Against

I was surprised to see an article in today's edition of The California, regarding the Murrieta School District advising parents to see if their children are visiting "" when using the Internet.

The concern is that a lot of kids are using to publish pornagraphic material, hateful material, gang-related materials, drugs, etc.

What is "" anyways? Well, it's a blog. Ok, so what is a blog? Well, this very website you're reading is a blog. It's a daily journal. It can be about someone's personal life, or about news of what's going in your local community. It can be written by one person, or written by a team of persons.

The truth is that is being made into an example. There are just as many kids using as well. If fact, there are just as many kids using And there are several other similar websites that offer the same services, all for free.

I guess if you're a parent, you should be monitoring your child's activities anyways, regardless of where they publish their online journal.

Here's where my two cents comes in.

It's not the fact they're publishing this kind of material, but the fact that they harbor such hatred or malevolence. If that kind of attitude is within them, then it doesn't matter that they have an online journal. They'll express it one way or another.

Instead of being worried about your child having an online journal, better focus on his or her heart instead.


  1. I have recently discovered "My Space" and I don't know if I would want my child on it... It really is not for the younger crowd. I would give it a NC17 rating. I have been "propositioned" more than once by others on "my space"

  2. My daughter goes on Myspace. However, she is in the same roon that I in, her computer screen faces me, and I continously check to see what she is doing. Furthermore, I know her username and password, and the minute I see anything inapropriate...she's off for good.

    I do see certain postings that some kids are totally out of control.

  3. I detest MySpace personally. Far too many idios o there who think hotlinking is fun. That's why I made the Campaign Against MySpace Proletarians

  4. I have a myspace and so do me kids and we talk with each other and our friends all the time. We don't let creeps mess things up for us and delet them when they approch our site. That is not to hard and my kids fill very strongly about that too. It is not very hard to use the site the way it was made to be used, it can be fun.


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