Menifee/Sun City Real Estate

Being a Realtor in the Menifee/ Sun City Area, I thought this was good information if you are planning on selling your home. As of today 1/20/05 there are 456 houses for sale. This includes the Senior areas. This doesn't include the new home tracts.
46 were built in 2004
23 were built in 2003
31 were built in 2002
27 were built in 2001
8 were built in 2000 This is as far back as I went. I am curious as to what is wrong with these new homes. Or are people just leaving this area? Any comments would be appreciated. For all of you currently selling your house, good luck.

Menifee School Board

I was at my School Site Council meeting today for Ridgemoor Elementary. A school board member was present and asked our opinion on something. He wanted to know if they should change the Board Meeting times to later in the evening, so more people could go. Right now they start at 4:00p.m. The consensus from the 7 of us present was to keep the time the same, but post the agenda on a School Board web site, and then post the minutes from the meeting. As of now they post the upcoming meetings at each school. For the most part these meetings are not for the general public, but on occasion, a topic like the unification of the High School comes up, and alot of people are interested in going. If it is hot topic to be discussed and they get a feeling alot of people would show up, they would arrange to have it later in the evening. We vote for these people, so they need to hear our voices.
My suggestion to any one interested in being involved in their schools, is to join the PTA and the School Site Council. Or just get involved with your childs classroom.

New Elementary School named "Oak Meadows"

The Californian reports that Menifee's newest elementary school will be named "Oak Meadows". The new school is being built near the Mapleton Community near Scott Road and Antelope Road.

Last December we reported that public advice was being sought to come up with a name that paid respect to the history of that area.

Oak Meadows doesn't sound too bad, though it makes me think of a horse racing track.

Whatever happened to schools named after Presidents and famous Americans? During kindergarten, growing up in San Diego, I attended James Garfield, John Adams, and Thomas Edison Elementary Schools. I also attended Woodrow Wilson Junior High. Had I stayed in San Diego, I would have went on to attend Herbert Hoover High School. But when I moved up to Santa Ana, I attended William Spurgeon Intermediate, and Santa Ana Valley High. It seems Santa Ana didn't care much for Presidents.

But I'm not really complaining. I like the idea of naming schools after local folks and local places.

4.3 Earthquake Felt in Menifee

An earthquake centered 7 miles east of Desert Hot Springs was felt all the way in Menifee. The quake measured 4.3 on the Richter scale, and struck at 12:10 am today. I was sitting here earlier, and felt my house rumble slightly.

Click here for details.

Wildomar Stater Bros. Supermarket Opens Jan 12

Stater Bros. announced today that its newest supermarket in Wildomar will have its grand opening on January 12, 2005. The supermarket is located in the Bear Creek Village Shopping Center, on Hidden Springs Road.

In celebration of the grand opening, Stater Bros. will make donations to the Mission Trail Community Library for the Children's Book Program; the Lake Elsinore Station of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department for the Cops for Kids Program; the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve and the Lake Elsinore High School Tiger Pride Marching Band, who will also perform at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Wall of Water and Wind

About 4:30pm, our home got hit with a wall of water and wind. I don't have photos, sorry. But the wind blew exceptionally hard from I've seen in a long time. The rain was coming down pretty heavy, and it few horizontally. Lasted for about 10min.