New Elementary School named "Oak Meadows"

The Californian reports that Menifee's newest elementary school will be named "Oak Meadows". The new school is being built near the Mapleton Community near Scott Road and Antelope Road.

Last December we reported that public advice was being sought to come up with a name that paid respect to the history of that area.

Oak Meadows doesn't sound too bad, though it makes me think of a horse racing track.

Whatever happened to schools named after Presidents and famous Americans? During kindergarten, growing up in San Diego, I attended James Garfield, John Adams, and Thomas Edison Elementary Schools. I also attended Woodrow Wilson Junior High. Had I stayed in San Diego, I would have went on to attend Herbert Hoover High School. But when I moved up to Santa Ana, I attended William Spurgeon Intermediate, and Santa Ana Valley High. It seems Santa Ana didn't care much for Presidents.

But I'm not really complaining. I like the idea of naming schools after local folks and local places.


  1. you are an awsome school expecially Amber Cabrera Llanes room#34!!!!!!!