Menifee to get New Freeway Signs

According to Julie Johnson, with the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce, new freeway signs marking the boundary of Menifee Valley are in the works. Supervisor Jeff Stone's office is working with CalTrans to get signs posted on the 215 Freeway telling drivers that they are entering "Menifee Valley".

They're hoping the signs will be in place about six months from now.

One sign will be placed at the southern border near Scott Road, while another will be placed at the northern border near Ethanac Road. The sign currently in place for Sun City will be removed.

A population number will be displayed on the signs with a figure of approximately 62,000, based on data from the South West California Economic Alliance.


  1. Are Sun City and Menifee going to be lumped together?

  2. Hi Eric:
    Yes...Menifee/Sun City and Quail Valley. This is the official community boundary as designated by LAFCO for the proposed new city. We are using Menifee Valley but this name may changed when city hood occurs.

  3. Why aren't there any CAL TRANS trollies or trains in our neck of the woods?