Menifee Valley's getting VERY Exciting

Yes, Steve, we are getting some more restaurants in Menifee and many more commercial developments as well.

Of course, everyone knows that there will be Abe's Steakhouse which will be built on the Southeast corner of Newport and Bradley. This will be a place that we can have high-power business lunches, delicious dinners and fine wines. This should be breaking ground by late September. Right next to Abe's Steakhouse will be a 2-story office building (which we are in desperate need of!).

There is also a shopping center proposed, north of Abe's Steakhouse, between Newport and Park St. There will be retail shopping, etc. and it will be very nice. I am projecting that this will groundbreak around Dec., Jan-06.

Everyone has been reading about the commercial area on Newport along with 215 cooridor.
Yep, it's going to happen. Supervisor Jeff Stone is watching this very closely because he would like to make sure that it will be a place that will bring the residents together.

There is also a new commercial development proposed on the corner of McCall and Encanto. Look for another restaurant and other retail establishments similar to the Menifee Lakes Shopping Center on Newport.

The future is definately now! If you would like more information, come visit me at the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce (between Coco's and McDonalds) or call 951-723-8511.


  1. Hi Julie,

    Thank you for the update on the Steakhouse and other developments! This is all good news!
    Just one question.... You started out saying "everyone knows...." My question is how does everyone know? I have been living in the area for quite some time and I scower the internet looking for information on planned projects in the area and this is one of the few places I've been able to find any info. Perhaps this is a dumb question, but were can I find this info so I can be a part of the "everyone" in "everyone knows?"



  2. Hi Julie,

    Also, do you have any idea what is developing on the corner of Newport and Menifee Rd. (accross from the school)?


    B Mac

  3. I am interested in knowing how close we are to getting a stop light at the corer of Scott and Antelope? We need one there very badly! Interestingly, a light was placed near the entrance of the new shopping center going, about 30 yrds from where we really need it..

  4. Hi b mac:

    That's a good question! How do you find out information about the area? Through your local Chamber of Commerce... the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce! Our new chamber works closely with the County Supervisor's office in economic development issues for the entire Menifee Valley.

    Since Menifee, Sun City and Quail Valley are not yet a city, County Supervisor Jeff Stone is our leadership in government. I must tell you that this area is extremely fortunate to have Supervisor Stone here in our area. He has made Menifee Valley an important agenda item on list of top priorities. This is the first time in 120 years that we has had full time attention devoted to the Menifee Valley and we are thriving with it!

    B mac, I don't know what is being developed on the corner of Newport and Menifee, but I will find out for you!

    Eric, Scott road has a very promising future, but as always, there are some very difficult growing pains. Because of the new 215 overpass and the addition of new lanes, a permanent stop light will be delayed. I do know that plans are being made to help facilitate the flow of traffic especially during construction through Supervisor's Stone office. For more information on that, you should contact Ron Roberts, Jeff Stone's Legislative Team Member at 951-955-1030 or send an email to

    Hope this helps you all!

  5. Julie,
    This information is a couple of months old now. I'm wondering, is the groundbreaking for Abe's still scheduled for late September? We're anxious to see some activity!
    Thanks for all the good scoop!

  6. my comment was about the original Abe's steakhouse established in 1948 in Wichita, KS. Which my family owned and I was the chef.

  7. I am trying to find information regarding the field located on the northwest corner of Antelope Road and Newport Road (across from the Ralph's and Target Shopping Center). I saw an article about that location on the internet, but have not been able to find it again. It mentioned some stores, resturants and I think a Sports Center may possibly be planned there. Can anyone out there help me?

  8. Steve, can you tell us anything about Abe's steakhouse? Why was it chosen over say....Outback Steakhouse for instance. Altho, I realize a lot of good restuarants won't come here (yet) bez the city doesn't have enough population that eat out (or so that is the reasoning behind not coming here)

  9. Abe's Steakhouse was the idea of the owner of Boston Billie's. He had tried to get it going several years ago, but could never get county approval, at least that was the story I got from Julie Johnson at the time. I don't know much about that.