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Last month Holly reported that she talked with Jeff Stone's office and learned that a ground breaking ceremony would take place in Apri...

Last month Holly reported that she talked with Jeff Stone's office and learned that a ground breaking ceremony would take place in April for the new park on La Ladera street, in the Menifee Hills development.

Well, ground has already been broken. Yesterday bull dozers began working, and today they pretty much leveled off the ground. Perhaps the ground breaking ceremony will still take place, but it will only be symbolic.

I remember going to a hearing on this a couple years ago in the Kay Ceniceros Center. The hearing was to get public opinion on what features the park should contain. Opinions were generally divided between "park only" and "sports park". The folks who live in the Menifee Hills development want a simple park with some benches and a kids play area. While folks who lived elsewhere wanted some kind of sporting venue, like a soccer field, baseball field, basket ball courts, or something similar.

Residents of Menifee Hills argued that a sports park would bring lots of cars and people. They also noted that a sports park will most likely have night-time lights, and they didn't want any of that. Folks who lived elsewhere argued that there are not enough places to play sports.

But county officials at the meeting also noted that the Audie Murphy development located on the opposite side of Newport Road, near Goetz Road, will contain a regional park, with baseball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, and the whole nine yards. If that's the case, then La Ladera Park can just be the grassy area with jungle gyms that neighbors want.

But they've been planning Audie Murphy for years now, and they're still seemingly nowhere.

Myself, I don't really care what they put in La Ladera, as long as they put something in there. I happen to live in the Menifee Hills development, but I live far enough from it that I won't be bothered by the additional traffic, noise, and lights. I know that some of my neighors won't like that sentiment. As it stands now, that lot is used by noisy dirt bikes, ATVs, and contractors dumping excess dirt. I'll be glad to see those go. And just having some kind of park there will improve the saleability of homes in that development.

Just put something there, quick.


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  1. How about police in Menifee, Does anyone want to talk about that or does anyone even care about having to wait an hour for police to come out.



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