Pechanga and Morongo Casinos

I discovered a website that allows people to rate casinos, and found out they have a number of ratings and reviews for Pechanga.

According to the reviews, a lot of people hate Pechanga. Personally, I kinda like the Pechanga Casino, though I don't care much for their slots. It seems they have the most greediest slots. Everytime my wife and I drop some twenties into the machines, we never hit any sizeable winnings.

On the other hand, we visited the new Morongo Casino last Friday, mainly to dine at their buffet. Being it was a Friday evening, they had their most expensive price going, $26.00 per person (approx). But, it was very good. The crab legs were huge and cold, not the like skinny warm things at Pala, or the salty chunks you get at Pechanga. The service was excellent there. I think we'll be going there more often, but maybe during the cheaper times of the week.


  1. i was just at morongo this weekend and lost money lol


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