Menifee Mothers Unite Through Moms Club International

The Menifee Mom's club stayed inside today because of bad weather, but club members have man...

The Menifee Mom's club stayed inside today because of bad weather, but club members have many outings to the park and for other activities.
Menifee mothers unite through Moms Club International, a world-wide organization that aims to bring support to stay-at-home mothers.

The organization’s Menifee chapter offers daily activities for moms and their young children during the summer and monthly mother's night out dinners for moms. It provides a variety of activities, including play dates and field trips for moms and their children and other free activities around Menifee.

According to Menifee club member Christi Salyer, the club not only provides moms with socialization time, it provides a support system for moms to share child care tips, recipes and other family necessities.

"We have about nine or 10 moms currently in the club," said Salyer. "We're trying to recruit more moms, but for now it's nice to have a smaller group that keeps things intimate."

Yesenia Maples, president of Menifee's chapter, said the group has a great bunch of women who help and support each other. Maples, a member for several years and mother of three, said she found the organization online after her son's doctor recommended her son socialize with kids his own age to help with a speech impediment.

The club she said, provides moms and their children various amenities and opportunities to make friends and stay active.

"Mom's Club as a whole is amazing," said Menifee Moms Club member Erica Winn. "The support you get worldwide is great."

Winn, originally from Orange County, moved to Menifee a few years ago and said that she was happy to join Menifee's chapter. Kim Lee, another club member, said she had a similar experience as well after she and her family moved from Japan to Menifee.

"My husband is in the military and we move a lot,” said Lee. “I heard about it from someone else and I’ve met some really nice ladies here. It's been good to meet other moms and have the kids make friends. It's good for both the kids and moms."

Winn said the international organization is great because stay-at-home moms can find a chapter almost anywhere. Both Winn and Salyer noted how great it is to have an organization that is prominent throughout the United States and to have a support system even if they move out of town.

Moms Club International believes in the importance of social interaction and community bonding for stay-at-home moms and their young children, and the organization's Menifee chapter has done just that by making a close-knit group many members describe as a second family.

“I'm really appreciative of these moms in this group," said Winn. "They welcomed me with open arms."

Menifee Moms Club encourages any stay-at-home mom to contact t