New Committee Will Give Menifee Youth A Voice

As Menifee continues to grow, the City Council is forming new committees to receive more community i...

As Menifee continues to grow, the City Council is forming new committees to receive more community input on decisions to be made.

In September, an 11-member Youth Advisory Committee will be established to advise the council on any issues related to youth services, facilities or programs. The committee will meet once a month and members will serve one-year terms that will coincide with their school year.

"It's one of those areas that's sort of been absent since the city's incorporation, so it's just giving another opportunity to provide feedback to the policy makers," said Robert Lennox (left), community services director for the city.

Members of the Youth Advisory Committee will also promote more youth involvement in community events, programs and volunteer projects. According to Resolution 14-361, which established the committee, the City Council "recognizes youth are capable of making a difference within the community." The resolution also states that this committee "will empower youth," as members will be involved in making decisions on issues they care about.

"It's intended to be a mix of service and education," said Lennox. "We're not just looking for people who would be great decision makers, we're looking for people who want to work."

Recruitment will begin next month. The city is looking for young people ages 15-25 who are either residents of Menifee or attend school within the city's boundaries.

"It's somewhat of a bridge effort," said Lennox in regards to the age range. "Some kids who may be wanting to be a part of the Youth Advisory Committee but haven't really thought more about colleges and experience can get some input and opportunities from the older ones who are in the program."

Lennox said City Council members hope the age range will benefit both younger and older students.

"Their thought process is we'd like to encourage some of those young adults who are attending college to be a part of the civic process and share some of their experiences and knowledge with the younger kids that are in high school," said Lennox.

Fliers and a press release about the committee will be available in August at Paloma Valley High School, Heritage High School, the Mt. San Jacinto College Menifee campus and the Lazy Creek Recreation Center. Students who need to fulfill their community service requirement can also apply.

The City Council will appoint members on Sept. 17. The first Youth Advisory Committee meeting will be held toward the end of that month.

For more information about the Youth Advisory Committee visit the City's website.


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