Menifee 24/7 Reader Poll 32: Do You Know Your City Council?

We learned a couple things from the results in the first 24 hours of our reader poll 32, posted Frid...

We learned a couple things from the results in the first 24 hours of our reader poll 32, posted Friday:

First, readers don't seem nearly as interested in city politics as they do in their shopping options. When we asked whether residents were in favor of a Trader Joe's coming to town, 2,440 readers responded (95 percent said yes). So far, only 81 people have responded to our poll asking whether they know about their City Council representation.

Second, 63 percent of those who responded to our latest poll said no, they don't know which City Council district they live in or who represents them.

This apparent sign of voter apathy is seen nationwide. Just look at the percentages of voter participation in local and national elections. Menifee 24/7 urges local residents to educate themselves about their City Council representatives and the candidates running in the Nov. 4 election. If you aren't registered to vote, here's where you can do so:

City Hall
U.S. Post Office
Public library
Department of Motor Vehicles

Online at this website

If you haven't participated in Reader Poll 32, please do so here. And below, you will find the information you need about Menifee City Council:

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Menifee City Council Districts

Mayor of Menifee
Scott Mann
Term expires in November 2014

District 1
Council member: Greg August
Term runs through 2016

District 2
Council member: Tom Fuhrman
Term expires November 2014

District 3
Council member: Wallace Edgerton
Term runs through 2016

District 4
Council member: John Denver
Term expires November 2014

Nov. 4, 2014 city elections: Candidates declared as of July 19

Scott Mann (incumbent)
George Rackstraw
Paul Wiggins

City Council, District 2
Tom Fuhrman (incumbent)
Matt Liesemeyer

City Council, District 4
John Denver (incumbent)
Gloria Sanchez

Residents have until Aug. 8 to return completed applications to run for mayor or city council positions. As candidate forums are announced, Menifee 24/7 will announce and cover those events.


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