Kalm, The Dental Oasis Works Wonders; Ask Our Own Shelli

Advertorial supplement: With a husband and four children to take care of, Shelli Stovall says i...

Advertorial supplement:
With a husband and four children to take care of, Shelli Stovall says it's a challenge to find time for herself.
Like many of today's working women, Shelli Stovall often has to stop and think which way she's supposed to be heading next.

A wife and mother of four, Shelli spends much of her time driving her three oldest children to school, caring for 1-year-old Sophia, preparing meals and keeping up with housework. On top of that, she stays busy as the Sales and Marketing Manager for Menifee 24/7.

"The last person who gets thought about everyday is myself," Shelli said. "Sometimes I don't even do that. It's hard to get everyone out of the house and remember I need to look presentable, too. Nothing feels worse than having people ask my 15-year-old daughter how old her baby is and assuming I am the grandma."

Like any woman, Shelli wants to look her best at all times. Whether she's playing Soccer Mom, out on the town with her husband David or doing the dishes, Shelli wants to have that youthful, energetic look.

She decided one of the best ways to accomplish that is with a cosmetic makeover from Dr. Ruth Bol at Kalm, The Dental Oasis in Menifee. Using Botox injections, Dr. Bol helped eliminate wrinkles in Shelli's forehead, reduced crow's feet around her eyes, and helped accentuate her smile.

"With some Botox injections, we lowered Shelli's upper lip, which reduces the amount of gum showing," Dr. Bol said. "We also did some teeth whitening, and for the area around her eyes and her forehead, we used some Botox."

The Botox injections cause muscles in the face to relax, explained Dr. Bol. Over time, this allowed Shelli's upper lip to drop into more of a natural position at her gum line. It also smoothed out areas of the skin in the forehead and around the eyes.

As the "before and after" photos show, in just a few weeks, Shelli's forehead has virtually no wrinkles, her eyes are more vibrant, her smile is more natural, and her teeth are pearly white.

"This has made me feel better about the amount of time I have to get myself ready in the morning," she said. "I can run out the door with just my teeth brushed and hair done and no one knows I only spent 30 seconds in front o