Dr. Ruth Bol Named Arts Council Menifee Artist of Month

By Bill Zimmerman President, Arts Council Menifee The house lights darken, the room quiets, and...

By Bill Zimmerman
President, Arts Council Menifee

The house lights darken, the room quiets, and suddenly the spotlight illuminates two graceful figures that begin to glide across the floor in unison.

Such was the scene at last year’s “Menifee’s Got Talent” show, hosted by Arts Council Menifee. The featured dance was performed by Dr. Ruth Bol and her partner.

Bol’s performance added a theatrical presentation for the audience to enjoy, which complemented the show. Arts Council Menifee has selected Bol for its July recipient of “Artist of the Month” honors.

Dr. Bol’s artistic curiosity started as a young girl. Her passion in theatre and the arts were evident as a child. But her journey to the theater stage was met with hindrances.

"I struggled with childhood obesity," recalls Bol. At her heaviest, she was 190 pounds and wore size 18 pants. Her mother was very concerned about her health and sought advice from a physician when she was 11 years old. The doctor prescribed a weight loss diet and exercise plan.

As a tool to assist in her battle with weight loss, she turned to dancing as her exercise. She began by creating several dance videos at home, and soon had built enough confidence to join her middle school dance and theater team.

Upon entering high school, she had successfully shed over 60 pounds and even made the cheerleading team. She continued to enjoy dancing and learned all of the technical elements, including costumes, sets and lighting to complete the context of the work and the theatrical presentation of it for an audience.

As Dr. Bol approached college, her focus turned to academics. Although she wanted to be a theatre major, it seemed more practical to be pre-med/dental. Her heart for giving and wanting to help people was solidified by an Indian Health Scholarship, which assisted with the cost of her education. After graduating and working with American Indian Tribes full-time, she chose to return to school to complete a pediatric dental residency. She started her private practice in Menifee in 2009.

It was here in Menifee where Bol’s passion for dance was rekindled.

"I signed up for ballroom/Latin dance classes at The Ballroom Villa Incanta, and my instructor Samantha Potter, who has danced professionally for over 30 years and even performed in Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller' video, inspired me to take dancing to a new level," said Bol.

She has learned several dances, including Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Waltz, East Coast Swing, and Fox trot.

Dr. Bol is especially passionate about children. "I encourage kids to follow their artistic abilities and showcase them at the events hosted by Arts Council Menifee," said Bol.

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