City Approves Traffic Signals at Three Busy Intersections

City of Menifee officials have approved plans for the installation of traffic signals at three busy ...

City of Menifee officials have approved plans for the installation of traffic signals at three busy intersections where speed and public safety have been a concern in the past. Each project will cost the city an estimated $200,000, which is already budgeted, Director of Public Works Jonathan Smith announced at the July 16 City Council meeting.

At least two of the projects won't be completed until some time next year, but plans are underway for the following intersections:

Menifee Road and Aldergate Drive

Traffic at this intersection has been an issue ever since the "Missing Link" section of Menifee Road opened in March, allowing traffic all the way through to Simpson Avenue. Motorists speeding in the school zone or ignoring the stop sign across the street from Freedom Crest Elementary School presented a potential hazard and prompted city officials to install extra stop signs at what already was a four-way stop with crossing guards.

Smith said design for the project is upcoming and installation will take place by June 2015.

Bradley Road and Holland Road

Officials of the Perris Union High School District have been requesting a traffic signal at this four-way stop for some time. It is a very busy intersection before and after schools hours for Paloma Valley High School, which is just south of the intersection on Bradley Road.

This project also still needs design plans is expected to be completed by June 2015.

Antelope Road and Garbani Road

This is a T intersection in which westbound traffic on Garbani Road has a stop sign at Antelope Road, which currently has no stop heading north and south on what is a major artery adjacent to the 215 Freeway. Making a left turn from Garbani onto southbound Antelope at peak traffic periods can be a challenge.

Smith said design on this project is complete and the signals should be installed much earlier than the other two projects, although no date is set.