The Benefits of Strength Training at Fitness 19

Advertorial Supplement: Fitness 19 offers a broad spectrum of equipment, classes, features, and...

Advertorial Supplement:

Fitness 19 offers a broad spectrum of equipment, classes, features, and services to provide an all-encompassing fitness experience for each individual’s needs. Strength training is one aspect of working out that actually has more benefits than most people realize. Aside from gaining strength, strength training also builds muscle and increases bone density ultimately making your stronger from the inside out.

While your body will aesthetically look shaped and toned you will reap the health benefits as well. Fitness 19 provides the necessary equipment for strength training including Plate Loaded Hammer Strength and Hammer Strength MTS machines that easy to understand and comfortable to use. You will look better and feel better when you increase your body’s core strength.

Hammer Strength is the industry-leading brand for plate-loaded fitness equipment and offers advanced strength-training technology to ensure you get the best workout. The superior design of their machines means superior results. Years of perfecting their models using highly sophisticated Computer Aided Design assures the consumer that each machine simulates the most natural and ergonomically correct range of motion for a comfortable and effective workout. Plate loaded machines allow you to adjust the weight and resistance to your own personal needs and ability.

In addition to strength training machines, their facilities also offer a free weight area, which includes dumbbell, barbells, weight benches, multi-jungles, eight station crossover cables, Smith Assisted squat machines, and power racks to help you work out harder.

They also offer a broad range of group classes offered through out the day, every day to help you find what gets you motivated to move. Their Power Pump class is a total body workout focusing on strength training that everyone can accomplish and benefit from. The classes encompasses cardio, proper technique for safely lifting weights that will target different areas of the body, and an emphasis on abs and core strength. Using equipment and high energy, this class is like personal training just in a group setting.

By combining different methods of fitness in a friendly environment that provides a huge variety of top quality equipment you will always find the means to workout to your comfort level. The large layout of Menifee’s Fitness 19 ensures you have the space get in and get out in an efficient manner.

Fitness 19 is dedicated to giving their members the very best value for their money by providing a place to workout and equipment that is clean, safe, comfortable, and conveniently located.


Mon - Thurs, 5 am - 11pm
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Sat - Sun, 7 am - 7 pm

Kids Room Hours:

Mon - Fri, 8 am - 1 pm and 4 pm - 8 pm
Sat, 8 am - 1 pm
Sunday, Closed

26100-C Newport Road
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Phone: (951) 679-0019
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