City Faces Challenges in Addressing Skate Park Concerns

Youths riding bikes and not using helmets are a common sight at Menifee's new skate park. ...

Youths riding bikes and not using helmets are a common sight at Menifee's new skate park.
A Menifee city official said Thursday that the city is exploring options to further increase security and safety at the new skate park, but that there are limits to what can be done at this time.

Robert Lennox, director of community services, said he is aware of complaints from residents about youths breaking the stated rules in the skate park at the Audie Murphy Ranch Sports Park on Newport Road. Menifee 24/7 has also been contacted by several readers who are concerned about three major factors:

-- Individuals riding bikes in the park.
-- Individuals riding without a helmet.
-- Cars parking in the bike lane along Newport Road outside the park.

"There are challenges there right now," Lennox said about the park, which opened to the public on May 24. "We do have plans to install security cameras and signage warning patrons so they know they are being monitored. We also have traffic engineers looking at the parking situation, and we want to remind people where parking for the park is provided.

"The city council has not approved any staff plan to enforce the rules at the skate park other than to ask for increased police patrols, which we have done."

Each time a Menifee 24/7 reporter has visited the park, there have been several skaters without helmets and some bikes as well. Other than parents who sometimes watch the skaters, there are few adults in the area and no official supervision.

That's a complicated issue, said Lennox.

"There's a state code that provides liability to cities as long as it's a skate park only, not bikes," Lennox said. "As soon as the park becomes supervised, the city takes on more liability."

That's the reason there is no supervisor on site and the rules prohibit bikes, said Lennox, even though he knows the rules are being broken often. While solutions are being sought, he wishes to remind patrons that those using the park on bikes or without helmets could be cited if caught by police.

Skate park patrons parking in the bike lane along Newport Road pose a risk to themselves and oncoming traffic.


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  1. As skate boarders we skate at our own risk.
    As drivers we park at our own risk.
    As human beings we live at our own risk.

    The city knew damn well.what they were getting themselves into by building something thay significant to the young people in this area of the inland empire and it was long overdue. The quality of so many youths happiness, health, sociablitiy and overall well being has increased ten fold even to people within an hours driving distance from menifee.
    It is a beautiful park and will not be taken for granted. I cant speak for all of the people who attend but without a doubt I know at least 35 individuals who would contribute their time and efforts to take part in cleaning and regular mantinence of the park for free.
    Come out and watch the youth. Look up menifee skatepark online, and see the level of talent and joy this little fenced off area of concrete and metal is bringing the community before ANYONE tries to complain.

  2. Aside from people not following the rule, there is an enforcement issue. There is a helmet law in this state that too many people ignore.
    Unfortunately, this starts with Parents. Parents need to make sure their kids are using their helmets, and that they are worn correctly covering the crown of the head. All too often I see helmets not being sized and adjusted correctly and they are falling off the back of the head. A helmet should cover the crown as well, to prevent the forehead from impacting the ground. As an avid mountain-biker, safety is my number one concern, and parents should take the initiative to make sure protection is used correctly, otherwise there is no point.
    I am confident that City can remedy some issues out here, but as parents, we need to own up to some responsibility too.

  3. What did they expect when they brought a skate park to Menifee, the usual stuff like this stuff listed above.

  4. Although BMX riders aren't technically allowed to be there becuase of posted rules, the city is WRONG to not allow BMXers ride the skatepark. When politicians open up a skatepark in the middle of one of the biggest BMX epicenters in the country, they should allow BMX riders in the park. Murrieta/Temecula/Menifee is home to many current and past BMX race/park/freestyle pros. In addition, there is a bike shop that serves the community well (Menifee Bikes).

    Menifee has been home to many extreme sports athletes (with BMX roots) such as Jeremy McGrath, Former X Games Gold medalist Mike Metzger, Ryan Johnson (former Warpt owner), and Jon Greer. Current BMX pro Barry Nobles lives in Menifee as well.

    Isolating a group of many BMX kids that you aren't aware of isn't ideal. GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CONSTITUENCY, CITY GOVERNMENT!

    --Daniel Greer (former pro BMX racer)



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