Change Creates Longer Left-Turn Freeway Access on Newport

Portions of eastbound Newport Road that originally were blocked from traffic (left) are not part...

Portions of eastbound Newport Road that originally were blocked from traffic (left) are not part of an extended left-turn lane (right) onto the northbound 215 Freeway.

News release from the City of Menifee:

Menifee’s Public Works and Engineering Department made lane striping changes last week to improve traffic flow on both Newport and Menifee roads.

On eastbound Newport Road just after Haun Street, engineers removed the hatched shoulder striping on the left side of the street and replaced it with a dedicated freeway access lane. The lane is marked "NB FWY ONLY" and has a solid white stripe indicating cars must stay in that lane, which becomes the left turn freeway access lane.

This change was made to help reduce traffic congestion on Newport Road caused by motorists waiting to make a left turn to access Interstate 215.

"The upcoming 'Menifee Moving' Interstate 215/Newport Road interchange improvement project will change freeway access so motorists will no longer be required to make left turns to enter the freeway on-ramps," said Public Works and Engineering Director Jonathan Smith. "In the meantime, city staff used extra space on the street and changed the eastbound lane structure to create the dedicated freeway access lane, which will help reduce congestion in this busy area."

On southbound Menifee Road, just after McCall Street, the road was restriped to extend two through lanes all the way to Simpson Road. Previously, the two lanes merged into one lane between McCall and Simpson roads.

For more information about the city’s "Menifee Moving" construction projects, visit the Construction Update page on the City of Menifee website.

Editor's note: Construction on the rebuilt Newport Road Freeway Interchange was originally scheduled for this year, but no exact date has been given.


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