Theater Complex, Bowling Alley Coming to Menifee Town Center

The Krikorian theater and entertainment complex will be part of the new Menifee Town Center at t...

The Krikorian theater and entertainment complex will be part of the new Menifee Town Center at the corner of Newport Road and Haun Road, across from Countryside Marketplace (left).
Krikorian Premiere Theatres has signed an agreement with developer Regent Properties to open a luxury movie theater complex in the Menifee Town Center, which is beginning construction across the street from Countryside Marketplace.

Menifee Mayor Scott Mann made the announcement during Wednesday night's city council meeting. The complex, scheduled to open in summer 2015, will include a 12-screen movie theater complex, a 16-lane bowling alley, a restaurant and sports bar, and a family entertainment center with private rooms for birthdays and other special events.

"I can't wait for this complex to open and look forward to taking my family for dinner and a movie," Mann said. "The investment these people are making in our community speaks volumes about their confidence in Menifee and the tremendous growth and maturation we have experienced since becoming a city just a few short years ago."

Requests for a movie theater and bowling alley have been among the top priorities expressed by Menifee residents. This project could be considered the anchor of the 172-acre Menifee Town Center, which will be located on the southwest corner of Newport Road and Haun Road.

Mixed-use development on the Menifee Town Center site will include a variety of housing options as well as retail and dining venues and city government offices. No other tenants have been announced, but the arrival of the Krikorian complex figures to be an extremely popular one.

"We have been watching with interest the growth of Menifee and have long wanted to be a part of the community," said George Krikorian, president and CEO of Kirkorian Premiere Theatres, in a news release. "It was just a question of finding the right site, and with the Menifee Town Center, we firmly believe we have found the heart of Menifee."

The complex will include 12 stadium-stepped luxury theater auditoriums, all outfitted with leather reclining seats and state-of-the-art sound systems. The theater and bowling alley venues will be complemented by a restaurant/sports bar with a 70-foot screen and luxury sofa seating, plus the family entertainment center.

"We are creating a completely different entertainment experience than what's out there in this area today," Krikorian said.

Daniel T. Gryczman, executive vice president of Regent Properties, also is excited about the deal with Krikorian Premiere Theatres.

"We welcome Krikorian to the Menifee Town Center and look forward to all the excitement they will bring to our project and this community," he said. "Their one-of-a-kind concept is certain to be become one of the most bustling spots in town."


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  1. IMAX or I'm still going to Temecula, honestly.

    1. You and me both sir, I wish one of the theater is an IMAX screen,... This is still GREAT news for Menifee though...

  2. I'm going to wonder about the increased traffic that a project of this size is going to generate. Also, what kind of an eyesore will this become when the complex is only 50% leased? Has anyone thought about the recently vacated Old Navy across the street as well?

  3. Traffic is bad not because of an increase in business, but because of mismanagement of building the overpasses over the 215. Holland Road should have an over/under pass built first to relieve any traffic that Newport and Scott bridge expansions will create. By expanding Newport and Scott's bridges, without an outlet for traffic to divert to, getting off and on the 215 for the new few years will be a nightmare.

    As far as the comment about Old Navy leaving; it's not because businesses are abandoning Menifee. It's because with the lack of business locations along Newport (considered a prime target location for retailers) allow Menifee Countryside Marketplace to charge a premium amount of rent. Two of my companies I worked for tried to get in there, but thought the asking price of the lease was outrageous (one of them is one of the largest shoe retailers in the world). With more business spots along Newport Road, especially off the 215, it would force lease prices to drop at Menifee Countryside Marketplace and bring in more business for both shopping centers along Newport and Haun. As the housing farther west of the 215 is finished (e.g. Audie Murphy Ranch), business will start expanding in that direction, also forcing retail space prices to become more competitive. Menifee is in a prime location. Compare it to something such as Southern Orange County (i.e. Laguna Niguel) area in the 1960's. Nothing in that area at the time and the little retail space there was cost an arm and a leg. As more housing and retail space was built, leasing cost for businesses became more reasonable and more people moved into the area. Eventually this created cities around Laguna Niguel like El Toro, Laguna Hills, the growth of Irvine, Santa Margarita, the growth of Mission Viejo, etc. As a Menifee resident, this excites me about how our city will be in the next 10-15 years.

  4. I agree with SirGaryColeman's comment from a year and a half ago. IMAX makes for a great movie experience, but the seats in Temecula pack you in like a Southwest flight. I recently went to the Mission Grove Galaxy theater in Riverside and the Temecula IMAX cannot come close to their spacious reclining leather seats (with a foot rest) and personal table (no more fighting for a cup holder). The Galaxy theater also had reserved seating like the Temecula IMAX, a huge screen, and the impressive Dolby Atmos audio system. It was close enough to an IMAX experience with the best (and fewest) seats I had ever experienced in a movie theater. Hopefully the Menifee Krikorian will be similar.



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