Following Survey, Some Menifee Speed Limits Will Change

News release from the City of Menifee: MENIFEE -- Menifee’s Public Works and Engineering department recently completed the city’s first sp...

News release from the City of Menifee:

MENIFEE -- Menifee’s Public Works and Engineering department recently completed the city’s first speed survey to determine the "critical speed" on all major Menifee roads. The "critical speed" is defined as the speed at which 85 percent of the traffic is moving.

Critical speed is used by traffic engineers to determine the correct speed limit on city streets, which is set to the nearest five mile-per-hour increment of the documented, certified critical speed.

In order to enforce speed limits on city streets with radar or other electronic devices, speed studies must be completed every seven years to determine current and accurate critical speeds. Speed limits must be updated based on speed study results and the approved speed limit (determined by critical speed) must be posted to be enforced.

The recent adoption of the speed survey by Menifee City Council and the consequent changes to speed limits are certified as reasonable and safe for these street segments. Many existing posted speed limits remain unchanged. However, beginning early this summer, there will be several newly posted speed limits, several speed limit increases and several speed limit reductions on Menifee streets.

The posted speed limits provide for safe and orderly movement of vehicular traffic; promote consistency and uniformity between similarly designed streets; and provide for enforcement and support by traffic courts.

"A traffic speed study was overdue in Menifee, given some streets did not have posted speed limits," said Public Works Director Jonathan Smith. "We can now post accurate, certified speeds on all of Menifee’s main streets to promote safe driving while allowing for traffic officers to enforce speed limits with electronic devices."

The city will post a list of affected streets on the city’s website when the speed limit changes are implemented early this summer. For more information, contact Assistant Public Works Director Rafael Martinez at 951-672-6777 or


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  1. Now that is the joke of the month, Menifee (so called) Police do not enforce the speed laws on the books now, and they want to change other speed limits, of course they are probably going to just raise the speeds to match what the traffic already does that way the PD would have more time for coffee/donuts, that is probably what they are going to do afterall.

  2. Great news for the community. I look forward to the City taking proactive steps to control the speeding, cut thru motorists who need a refresher course on driving. Thank you City of Menifee



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