Fish in Menifee Lake Fall Victim to Unstable Weather Patterns

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Fishing by residents of Menifee lake communities was pretty much back to normal early this week after hundreds of fish floated dead to the surface over the weekend.
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Changes in the weather has had an effect on many in the Menifee area. Complaints about allergies, migraine headaches and other health problems seem to increase not only with the arrival of spring, but also with high winds, erratic weather patterns and extreme temperature changes.

These factors affect more than just the human population. Hundreds of fish died in Menifee Lake last week (left and below). Some can still be found floating near the lake's banks.

According to authorities charged with the maintenance of Menifee Lake, this is an unusual -- but not unheard of -- occurrence resulting from drastic changes in the water temperature recently. One source said there were also dead fish found in The Lakes, located across Menifee Road from Menifee Lake.

It hasn't happened to this extent in at least six or seven years, said one local authority who has tested the lake water and found no other reason for the fish's death. Because the lakes are fairly shallow, changes in the outside air and other weather patterns have a greater effect on the water temperature. The fish go into shock and many die because of this.

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The most susceptible fish in Menifee Lake is the crappie, one lake maintenance official said. They were found floating in bunches on Menifee Lake over the weekend, alarming local residents. But locals have been fishing the lakes in recent days and things appear to be returning to normal.

Only residents of the private lake communities who display proper ID are permitted to fish there.


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