Drivers Cited During Menifee Motorist Safety Operation

Nearly 46 drivers were cited for unsafe driving actions April 18 during a Motorist Safety Enforcement Operation conducted by the Menifee Police Department.

This was a routine operation conducted in an effort to lower deaths and injuries, according to police. Officers patrolled areas in the city where crashes frequently occur. Officers were specifically looking for motorists committing unsafe driving actions that lead to crashes.

Results of the safety operation:

-- 46 drivers were cited for unsafe driving actions
-- 2 arrest warrants were served
-- 3 vehicles were towed
-- 1 driver was arrested for DUI - alcohol

The Menifee Police Department reminds all motorists to always be alert and follow the rules of the road.

Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


  1. Now if they would do that 'motorist safety check' on the Holland Road west of Murrieta Road, but no they sit at either end with their lights going and say 'we didn't see any problems for two hours, well no crap a robber wouldn't hold up a bank with the SWAT team standing guard either, intelligent bunch we have running the PD

  2. they should try sitting on craig about 7:30 Tuesday through Friday. It's right by Paloma. Illiegal uturns, people stopping in the middle of the road to drop off their kids, who then walk right across the street. people basically stopping, turning and driving wherever they want - it's a total hazard. the parents need to be reminded that they are not the only ones on the road and some of us do not even have children, but need to drive by there without a choice. I've tried going down to the corner of Bradley and Holland, but that's even worse with a steady stream of kids cutting across in front of cars. there never seems to be any method, and they don't hurry for the traffic. they take their sweet time and we drivers just have to sit and wait for them to cross.