Become a 'Hall of Foamer' at The Beer Hunter in Menifee

Travel "around the world in 75 beers" at The Beer Hunter and make any dream of being ind...

Travel "around the world in 75 beers" at The Beer Hunter and make any dream of being inducted into a hall of fame come true by becoming a part of the Hall of Foam.

Once entered into the Hall of Foam, you will have your name engraved into a plaque for all who enter The Beer Hunter Sports Pub to see “plus the admiration of your fellow ‘foamers’” and The Beer Hunter’s “undying gratitude.”

Hall of Foam plaques are now mounted on the edge of the bar for all to see.  New members also get a personalized beer mug to continue on being a beer connoisseur.

Each beer the Hall of Foamer hopeful drinks for the first time will be added to their member card until they have reached the grand total of 75 beers on The Beer Hunter’s extensive beer list. 

The Beer Hunter can credit up to three pints per visit that can be counted toward your Hall of Foam mission, which is an easily attainable goal once you know just how many choices The Beer Hunter has. 

The Beer Hunter offers 150 beers to choose from and the list is always changing, giving Hall of Foam hopefuls plenty of options to choose from. Choose any beer from The Beer Hunter’s ever expanding list to be credited toward your Hall of Foam track record.

For a full list of The Beer Hunter's Hall of Foam beer list, as well as a Hall of Foam membership card, click here

The Hall of Foam plaques have recently been put out for everyone to see, giving Hall of Foamers just that much more incentive to travel "around the world in 75 beers.” 

One card will be given to each hopeful. Hall of Foam memberships are non-transferable.

Drinking your way up to 75 beers might seem like a challenge, but it will prove to be a breeze once you step foot into The Beer Hunter. Each visit can bring a new fun-filled day or night of food and entertainment. 

Is there a game on TV you’re planning on watching from home? How about racking up a couple cold ones on your Hall of Foam card and watching it on one of The Beer Hunter’s 30 plus high definition TV monitors?

The Beer Hunter offers all of the best UFC fights, the most important Major League Baseball games and so much more. Catch anything on the Big 10 Network, MLB Stretch Run, ESPN Game Plan and many more to please your inner sports fanatic. 

But on-screen entertainment is not all you will find at The Beer Hunter. 

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