Paul Zellerbach Named District Attorney of Year by WeTip

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WeTip, the international crime reporting organization founded in 1972, has named Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach its 2014 District Attorney of the Year.

The award will be given to Zellerbach at WeTip’s 41st Annual National Crime-Fighting Conference, to be held in Ontario in April. WeTip’s Executive Director, Susan Aguilar, said Zellerbach will be honored for “extraordinary efforts and outstanding service in the field of crime prevention.”

Zellerbach said he was “deeply honored” to be named District Attorney of the Year and would continue to be “relentless in the pursuit of justice for crime victims and all of the residents of Riverside County.”

WeTip was founded in 1972 as an Anonymous Crime Reporting resource for citizens and a tool to aid law enforcement. The program has dramatically impacted crime and has significantly reduced crime incidents in communities and schools nationwide.


  1. It is really unfortunate that this organization would sully their reputation by giving an honor to a DA who has been a disaster on law enforcement issues. I don't know if they didn't do their homework, someone there is using the organization for political purposes, or if this is just a purchased honor but something went awry here. Riverside County will be so much better off with a DA who leads on important issues and has the respect and then endorsement of every law enforcement association in the county and the people he works with. Mike Hestrin is that person.


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