It's Official: This Weather is for the Birds!

This severe rainstorm is an inconvenience to most Menifee residents, but it doesn't seem to bother this flock of egrets, which are finding muddy perches in the midst of the fast-flowing Salt Creek at Bradley Road. This type of heron is often found in open fields around Menifee, but not usually in such great numbers -- in not in what might be considered more of their natural habitat.

Bradley Road is closed where the creek is flowing over the pavement. Flooding is also taking place where Murrieta Road crosses the creek. Standing water on Interstate 215 between McCall Road and Scott Road has caused slowing and at least one accident this morning. Many streets have flooding, especially at intersections and dips.

The staff of Menifee 24/7 urges you to be careful and stay off the roads when possible. And check back with us often here and on our Facebook page for weather updates.


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