Council: Extension of Sherman Road Will Be Town Center Drive

Menifee City Council members last week took the next step in recognizing the eventual construction of Menifee Town Center, a large complex across from Countryside Marketplace on Haun Road that has been billed as the future downtown of Menifee.

Although no buildings have been constructed and much of the development agreement between the City of Menifee and Regent Properties is not yet completed, a street that would extend Sherman Road north through the center of the complex is in place.

The council on Feb. 19 voted unanimously to vacate the name Sherman Road for that short stretch of roadway and name it Town Center Drive. That road will eventually provide access from Newport Road south to La Piedra Road, through a complex that will include eight parcels -- four on each side of the street.

Negotiations continue on plans to build a civic center, restaurants, shops and a movie theater complex on that property.

Sherman Road exists in sections north of the Newport Road area and actually picks up on the east side of Interstate 215 near McCall Boulevard. Town Center Drive will stretch only from Newport Road south through the complex and past the new Santa Rosa Academy to Holland Road. The street south of Holland Road, which stretches a few hundred yards before ending in a cul-de-sac, will continue to be named Sherman Road.


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