City Warns Residents of Illegal Curbside Painting Service

Menifee city officials are warning residents about a scam involving non-licensed individuals who are painting house numbers on local curbs without homeowner permission.

According to a city news release, the painters ask the resident to pay for the work after it has been completed. This is happening specifically in the Sun City neighborhood.

Residents are not required to have house numbers on the curb, said city officials. The only requirement is to have numbers on the front of the house. These painters are operating illegally and residents are not obligated to pay for the work or provide any personal information. The city does not grant business licenses to these types of businesses and they are in violation of city codes.

Residents are asked to report any curbside painting activity by calling the code enforcement hotline at 951-246-6214.


  1. Little late warning SunCity we have had ours painted for months now with extra money for a US Flag.. Its already peeling off..

  2. Nows is a good time to let us know about the curb painting. Whats wrong with the comuntity patrole they drove around and see all this going on. Did they not report this? And Riverside Enforcement do thay drive arond with they eyes closed? Way to go Menifee!

  3. Way to go Menifee Comunity patrole and Property Enfocement for keeping an eye on every thing after the fact!!

  4. I have lived in the Core for 9 years and they have come around every year or two and painted the curb numbers and asked for the donations. I always assumed that it was sponsored by the SCCA, is this not true? They have never been pushy about getting paid,
    Some years I have paid when I had the money and other years I have not when finances were tight.