Old Navy Store Will Leave Menifee at End of January

Old Navy, a popular clothing store in Menifee's Countryside Marketplace, will close by the end of the month, a commercial leasing agent said today.

Customers noticing empty shelves have been told the store is emptying its inventory. According to Ted Rivenbark, a spokesman for Lee & Associates, the business will vacate the location at the end of the month, when its lease expires.

Rivenbark said it is not unusual for a business to leave a location when a new lease agreement cannot be reached. This will take place even though Old Navy apparently was doing very well.

"This store was one of the top 10 locations in California," said Corey Wood, a manager at Old Navy. "It's just that our lease wasn't renewed."

Rivenbark said that Old Navy will be replaced by two businesses after remodeling of the property is completed this spring. One of those businesses will be Ulta Salon, which will sell beauty products. Negotiations for the other part of the property are ongoing with a retail clothing business.


  1. How many salons and beauty places are already in the Marketplace? Aveda is located on the other side of the parking lot from Old Navy. Is there anything the citizens of Menifee can do to petition the Marketplace to renew Old Navy?

    1. I understand this is VERY late reply. I just wanted to clarify that ULTA is a makeup supply store, not a hair salon. So it's not a total loss, it's certainly a kind of store we don't have here in Menifee.

  2. Somehow this doesn't surprise me! Property Mgmt. Is one of the worst out there. Cars are always getting broken into, lewd acts in the parking lot over by Beer Hunter, people pan handleing as you enter off of Haun at the 4 way stop. Security doesn't care there asleep in there office half the time. Just what we need another beauty supplier!!

  3. This sucks. With so many families and teenagers, this seems like a devastating decision. Instead, we will have two small spaces filling a niche already overwhelmed and have to drive to Temecula for Old Navy. Who makes these decisions???

  4. I love ultra woohoo!! Never went to old navy and I live across the street!

  5. So excited for ulta. I hate having to drive to Corona location.