National Night Out Event Brings Police, Residents Together

The Menifee and Canyon Lake police departments, in cooperation with Cal Fire and Target Stores, will celebrate National Night Out with local residents at two community parks in Menifee this Saturday, Aug. 3.

Local residents and neighborhood watch groups will celebrate with police officers and firefighters by having an informal picnic. Police Chief John Hill, police officers, and firefighters will mingle with residents and provide crime prevention information. Officers and firefighters will be available to answer questions pertaining to public safety, crime prevention, and fire safety.

A police canine demonstration will be held at each location. Members of the public are invited and encouraged to bring a picnic lunch and join law enforcement in these events.

Saturday's events will occur at the following locations/times in Menifee:

-- La Ladera Park, 29629 La Ladera Road, 2-4 p.m.
-- Discovery Park, Heritage Lake Drive and Calm Horizon Drive, 5-7 p.m.

National Night Out was started by the National Association of Town Watch (NATW) in 1984, and is designed to bring members of the community together to be more effective in preventing crime. Annual National Night Out events across the nation serve to facilitate partnerships that will increase social capital, reduce crime, and strengthen communities.More information on National Night Out and the National Association of Town Watch can be obtained at

If you have any questions regarding this event or are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch in your community, contact Sergeant Robert Rose at or 951-210-1015.

Menifee in Pictures: Just Another Day on the Golf Course

A lone golfer makes his way onto the green during a leisurely round at North Golf Course in the Sun City community of Menifee on Tuesday. Golfers enjoy the warm weather and serenity of local golf courses year-round.

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Effective immediately, readers will no longer have the option of posting anonymous comments. Anyone posting comments to any of our postings on this website must do so through a Google account and must be identified by name. Comments submitted with user names consisting only of initials, with only partial names or with obvious fictitious names (BeachBum30, etc.) will not be accepted.

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Business Incentive Plan Approved for Council Consideration

In a special meeting today, the Menifee City Council approved to include on its next agenda a new incentive ordinance that aims to help attract more commercial business in the city.

The program under consideration will provide incentives to businesses to move to or expand in the city of Menifee. Details of incentives would be subject to each individual case and could include loans, funding or financial aid in projects that will benefit Menifee.

Economic Development Director Jeff Wyman (left) provided information on the incentive program and said that in order for businesses to receive any sort of incentive, they must undergo an application process and provide evidence that they will be profitable and create positive impact in the Menifee community.

Such benefits provided by new businesses would include services offered by the business, employment opportunities and an overall positive contribution to the community.

The incentive program plans to create a more business friendly atmosphere, assist in future development, provide more shopping amenities, meet community needs, improve the economy and guide future projects.

Wyman said it is estimated that Menifee residents spend an annual amount of $400 million for commercial purposes outside of Menifee city limits. With the new incentive program, Menifee officials hope to bring more commercial revenue and provide the city with much needed amenities.

Those eligible for the incentives offered would include business owners, existing businesses wishing to expand in Menifee and land owners who would be willing to use their land for commercial purposes.

Wyman and some city council members stressed the need for further development of shopping centers to accommodate new businesses. Established shopping centers such as Countryside Marketplace are already at full capacity.

To pull in possible business clients, Wyman plans on attending brokers meetings and going to International Council of Shopping Centers conferences; Wyman and other council members recently attended an ICSC conference in Las Vegas.

Some council members felt that Wyman also needed a more specific approach in attracting clients by targeting specific businesses and communicating directly with them.

"We know we need to move from a global approach to a targeted approach," said Interim City Manager Rob Johnson.

Overall, city council members were in agreement that the new incentive plan is worth taking into consideration for approval, and while the city already has the power to provide incentives, Wyman said this new policy stresses a more business friendly environment.

"It's a policy decision by the city council to focus efforts on economic development and make Menifee more business friendly," said Wyman.

City council members will consider the incentive program at the next city council meeting, Tuesday, Aug. 6.

Oasis Veterans Club hosts "Rock the Vine" Benefit Aug. 8

The Oasis Veterans Club of Menifee will host a benefit concert on Aug. 8 for a veterans help organization called Guitars for Veterans.

The benefit will help fund the club's chapter, which operates out of Loma Linda Veterans Hospital. Guitars for Veterans is an organization aimed at using the healing and therapeutic power of music to treat veterans with PTSD.

The benefit concert will be held at the Miramonte Winery at 33410 Rancho California Road in Temecula on Thursday, Aug. 8. It will start at 6:30 p.m. and will feature wine tasting, hors d'oeuvres, and a rock and roll music performance by the Life Time Rocker band. The price for admission is $25 per person and is tax deductible.

Tickets can be purchased here.

For more information about Guitars for Veterans, visit their website.

Quantum Fitness Helps Others Realize a Healthy LIfestyle

Advertorial Supplement:

Quantum Fitness will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this November. It is one of the first gyms serving Menifee Valley, with the mission of helping members of the community reach their fitness goals – all the while providing a safe and friendly environment.

They strive to give each person exceptional customer service and the resources needed to reach optimal results. Unlike any other gym, Quantum Fitness is not the type of place that will pressure you to sign, merely to forget all about you in the over-crowded weight room! The reason this place is different is the ownership of husband and wife team Gus & Angela Hernandez.

Gus has been in the fitness industry for almost 30 years, spending his earlier years as a competitive body-builder and from there working with athletes, chiropractors, physical therapists and later managing large corporate owned gyms.

It can be very difficult making that first step into a gym. It can beintimidating and overwhelming; many feel like they have to be in shape even before going. Here, their goal is to remove all of that anxiety. The environment is wholesome and family friendly, enforcing a modest dress code- no revealing necklines or short-shorts, etc.

Each membership offers an incredible value; one hour session of personal training, body fat analysis, and a treadmill stress test. You’re set up on a program, designed just for you! Additionally, every month you’ll receive a half-hour re-evaluation. You're given all the tools to be successful!

Gus is now offering ‘SGT’ (small group training), allowing individuals to expand their knowledge and skills, thus enriching their lives. Quantum Fitness welcomes you to stop by for a friendly, no-pressure tour. First time visitors mention this article and receive a complimentary pass for boot camp.

29800 Bradley Rd
Menifee, CA
(951) 246-7655
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City Council to Discuss Proposed Business Incentive Ordinance

Members of the Menifee City Council will conduct a workshop to discuss the possibility of a business incentive ordinance for the city, according to city announcement.

The meeting will take place today at 4 p.m. at City Hall, 29714 Haun Road. There is no regular City Council meeting following the workshop.

No other details were given.

Menifee in Pictures: Colors Combine to Accentuate a Sunset

We don't normally accept submissions of digitally enhanced photos for this feature, but we made an exception for this beautiful sunset shot captured by Menifee resident Dave Miller.

This was taken earlier this week from a hill behind Briggs Road just south of Holland Road, looking west toward Menifee Road and beyond into the distance. Miller used a Canon7D with a Sigma 17-70 lens to shoot high dynamic range photos, combining three shots into one to enhance the beauty and color of the image.

Your photo submissions don't have to be a work of art. Send us your snapshots or any photos you personally shoot of the scenes around Menifee.

"Menifee in Pictures" is a regular feature on Menifee 24/7. Readers are invited to contribute photos for publication. Email your photos as a .jpg file to and we'll select one for publication each day, along with your name as the photographer. Please include your full name on the submission and any explanation about where and when the photo was taken.

Elevate Fitness Studio Thanks All Their Mommy Makeover Partners

"A Big Thank you to ALL our Mommy Makeover Partners who helped to make our 1st Mommy Makeover Program a Success. We couldn't have done it without you!"

For more information about Mommy Makeover or Elevate Fitness Studio visit them on facebook here.

St. Vincent Festival Scheduled for Sept. 20-22

Please Join Us in Supporting Menifee Valley Boys & Girls Club

If you remember the "mug shot" from my A Doug's Life columns, you will notice that I got rid of the cowboy hat and donned a Menifee 24/7 shirt.

You might say that I finally stopped trying to be something I'm not.

Who am I kidding? I'm no cowboy. I will always have my dreams; no one can take that away from me. But at the same time, we must deal with the here and now -- and do what we can to make that a better place.

This I have tried to do since becoming editor of Menifee 24/7 in January. In my dreams, Menifee 24/7 is an award-winning news site and I'm a millionaire. In reality, we're working hard to make Menifee 24/7 better all the time, and I make enough to feed my family.

One might look at Menifee in a similar perspective. Some of us want rural bliss. Others want affordable housing, malls and movie theaters. Some say it's the perfect place to live. Others say we're screwing it up.

Somewhere between all this lies the truth. So while each of us retains our dreams, we are called upon to roll up our sleeves and work together to make this a better place for everyone.

Easier said than done, you might say. How do we stop this tug of war? Is there a project out there we can all agree upon and support together?

I firmly believe there is. Here at Menifee 24/7, we're getting behind a project we believe will have a positive impact for everyone in the community -- and we urge you to join us.

Menifee 24/7 is donating $1,000 toward the fundraising drive for the Boys & Girls Club that is coming to Menifee. This is something that is urgently needed in our city. No matter what dreams you have for Menifee, it's a fact that our youth are our future. Not only that, they play a big part in the present.

If the younger generation of Menifee residents is to effectively carry this city into the future, it must be nurtured now. It would be irresponsible of us not to do everything possible to provide our young people with every conceivable opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn effective social interaction, develop physical and intellectual skills, and have a safe environment before and after school and on weekends.

There is no need in this space to describe all the benefits of a Boys & Girls Club to Menifee or describe the challenges faced by those behind this project. If you haven't done so already, you can read about that here.

By giving our young people more healthy opportunities in our own town, the potential for unproductive and sometimes harmful activities is transformed into the potential for achievement and development. Will the presence of a Boys & Girls Club eliminate juvenile delinquency and idleness in Menifee? Probably not. Will it help? Tremendously. Will it help build a strong moral character in our young people? Absolutely.

This is a project we cannot afford not to support.

In the past few weeks, this community has been through a lot. The disappearance and murder of a young boy has emotions running the gamut. First, we came together in search of young Terry Smith Jr. Then, as anger and accusations mounted following his death, we began to polarize. Meanwhile, our youth look to us for guidance, not selfish examples of poor behavior.

It's time to stop fighting one another and fight together for a common cause. I can't think of a more worthy cause than a facility and group of caring volunteers who will help the Terry Smiths of the future be the best young people they can be.

A fundraiser held Friday night at the Lake Elsinore Casino raised about $1,500, with several local businesses contributing hundreds of dollars worth of items for auction. More fundraisers are planned. But you know what? You don't have to wait for a planned activity to donate to the cause.

I urge you, the residents of Menifee, to join Menifee 24/7 in supporting the Menifee Valley Boys & Girls Club. Let's make sure it is ready to open by year's end, as planned. This is an investment in our future that goes far beyond a movie theater or another place to shop.

To make a donation, mail your check to:

Menifee Valley Boys & Girls Club
29618 Lamprey Street
Sun City, CA 92586

The Menifee Valley Boys & Girls Club has been granted tax exempt status in California and is in the application process for federal tax exempt status.

In addition, the club's board of directors is forming a committee to coordinate volunteers and fundraising. To volunteer your services to this effort or as a volunteer once the club opens, call Sue Kristjansson at 951-282-4717.

Thank you for your support.

Doug Spoon
Menifee 24/7

Family, Friends Remember the 'Queen of Sole,' Darlene Flynn

Darlene Flynn is shown here with part of her shoe collection from a photo in the 2013 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.
Family and friends of Darlene Flynn describe her as a bubbly personality who liked to dance and truly enjoyed life. Thus, they felt, it was appropriate to meet at the Wild West Arena and Saloon in Winchester -- a place she enjoyed gathering with others -- to celebrate a life that was tragically cut short.

About 40 people attended the informal memorial service today for Flynn, 58, who was found dead at her home on Monday, allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend. In addition to stories about Flynn's obsession with her world-record shoe collection, those who knew and loved her shared other memories of the longtime Menifee resident.

"She was always doing something kind for somebody," said her sister, Cindy Thomas of Dover, New Hampshire. "Darlene had very strong faith. I know she's in heaven. We joked about shoe heaven, but I know she's in heaven."

A woman who grew up with a love for the Beatles and later Carrie Underwood, Flynn enjoyed country music and dancing the two-step at local watering holes such as the Wild West Saloon and the Ponderosa Bar and Grill in the Sun City community of Menifee. She also loved her two dogs.

But it's hard to discuss her life without talking about her collection of more than 18,000 shoes, ceramic shoes, shoe pillows, shoe blankets and virtually everything else shoes -- a hobby for which she became known as the "Queen of Sole" and was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records (above).

In fact, said Thomas, Flynn had a dream of opening a shoe museum and was working on plans to design miniature ceramic collectible shoes -- one representing each state -- that could sold to raise money for foster children and orphans.

"One of the things she always wanted was to be on Ellen (DeGeneres)," Thomas said about her sister's dream to be on the celebrity's TV show. "She wanted to dance down the aisle with Ellen in her light-up shoes. She wanted to be on Oprah, too."

Gail Richardson of Menifee said she has known for Flynn for 15 years and considered her a special friend.

"She helped me out a lot when I needed it," Richardson said. "I was in her house many times and spent many hours talking with her. Darlene was the kind of person who, when you called, you knew she'd be there for you. She was a great person and I miss her dearly."

Flynn's father, Wayne Fritz, struggled to collect his thoughts when asked about his daughter.

"I'm still getting over missing her," he said. "I have a lot of good thoughts to remember. Shoes were her niche in life, and I was proud of her for that. She made it a business and got to travel a lot with it."

Lisa Gomez of Sun City said she used to hang out at the Ponderosa with Flynn and is still in shock about her death.

"I saw her at Ponderosa about two weeks ago and said hello," Gomez said. "She was a good dancer and always happy. She was always smiling, and she would do anything for you."

That willingness to help others may have been a factor in her death. Thomas said her sister couldn't turn away someone she had befriended. According to Thomas, that included 29-year-old Justin Charles Smith, who was arrested and charged for her murder after he was found running away from the murder scene.

Smith and Flynn had a rocky relationship dating back to 2008, friends and family members said.

"They hadn't been together for a while," Thomas said. "She didn't want to throw him out on the street. He is an evil man. If anything positive comes out of this, it should be for others to know that if you're in an abusive relationship, get out. And if people know something like this is going on, reach out to help. Don't wait until something like this happens."

Smith's arraignment on murder charges is set for Aug. 8.

Flynn's body will be cremated and there will be no funeral or other memorial service. She is survived by her parents, Wayne and Mary Fritz; sisters Cindy and Donna; brothers Steve and Kevin; and a son, Shawn.

Darlene Flynn's house was filled with every kind of shoe collectible item.

Only part of her collection were actual shoes she could wear, but there were hundreds of those, too.

Family and friends celebrated the life of Darlene Flynn at the Wild West Salooon.

Menifee in Pictures: Menifee Sunset from Evans Road

Colt Sanderson took this beautiful shot of the Menifee sunset from Evans Road facing west toward Murrieta Road on July 24. Thanks, Colt!

"Menifee in Pictures" is a regular feature on Menifee 24/7. Readers are invited to contribute photos for publication. Email your photos as a .jpg file to and we'll select one for publication each day, along with your name as the photographer. Please include your full name on the submission and any explanation about where and when the photo was taken.

Menifee Maze 2: We Have a Winner!

As readers were guessing every hillside and patch of dirt in Menifee, one of you finally got it right. Vinae Winn correctly identified Menifee Maze 2 as the "model airplane zone," as she put it.

As you can see in the complete picture below, this is the takeoff and landing zone for the Menifee Valley Flyers, a group of remote control plane enthusiasts. Members set up under the awnings seen near the top of the photo. You can also see wind socks used to determine wind direction and velocity before the planes take off.

This location is on the hillside to the west of Menifee Road near where the road dead-ends into Simpson Road at the site of the "missing link" road project.

Congratulations to Vinae for solving the puzzle. She will receive a $50 VISA gift card. We'll post Menifee Maze 3 on Sunday!

Terry Smith Jr. Search Volunteers Honored at Storm Stadium

The owners and an employee of Menifee Market, the gathering place for hundreds of volunteers in the search for 11-year-old Terry Smith Jr., accepted a plaque in memory of the boy and all those involved in his search. The presentation was made during pregame ceremonies honoring the volunteers at the Lake Elsinore Storm baseball game tonight. Volunteers were given free and discounted tickets by the Storm. From left are Dallal Harb, Heather Blume and Taiseer Harb.

Public Memorial for Darlene Flynn Saturday at 2 p.m.

An informal public memorial service will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. in memory of Darlene Flynn, a well-known Menifee resident whose body was found dead in her backyard pool July 22.

Family members announced tonight that an impromptu gathering has been organized for the Wild West Arena in Winchester, located at 31520 Grand Ave., north of Simpson Avenue and east of Winchester Road. The public is invited and those who knew Flynn are invited to share their memories of her.

Flynn, 58, became internationally known for her world-record collection of more than 15,000 shoes and shoe-related items. Her ex-boyfriend, Justin Charles Smith, has been charged with her murder.

Menifee in Pictures: Audie Murphy Sports Park Taking Shape

Many of the homes are occupied and hundreds more are being built in the Audie Murphy Ranch development on Newport Road west of Murrieta Road. One of the most eagerly anticipated amenities is the complex's sports park, which is scheduled to open this fall.

Workers have erected the light poles and part of the backstop for the baseball field and are grading areas for a soccer field, skate park, basketball courts and a playground. Residents of that community also will have use of a private recreation center with a swimming pool and spa.

Oh, and by the way, those of you who guessed that Thursday's "Menifee in Pictures" site was the park at Hidden Meadows were correct!

"Menifee in Pictures" is a regular feature on Menifee 24/7. Readers are invited to contribute photos for publication. Email your photos as a .jpg file to and we'll select one for publication each day, along with your name as the photographer. Please include your full name on the submission and any explanation about where and when the photo was taken.

Vandals Break Glass in Front Door of LLL Reptile in Menifee

Store manager Eliot Rogers arrived to open the LLL Reptile store on Antelope Road Thursday morning, only to find the glass shattered in the front door of the shop.

Rogers said he filed a police report. Nothing was taken from the store.

LLL Reptile and Supply Company, Inc., located in the shopping center at Antelope Road and Newport Road, has a wide selection of exotic reptiles and reptile supplies. All the snakes, geckos and other creatures were safe in their display cases on Friday and business was brisk as usual.

If you have any information on the vandalism at LLL Reptile, call the Menifee Police Department at 951-210-1000.

Live Oldies Music and Happy Hour at Breakfast House

Artist Linda Morrison, Concert Saturday at La Paloma Park

Menifee residents are invited to an evening of artwork and music this Saturday, July 27, beginning at 6 p.m. at La Paloma Park, 3000 Menifee Road.

Guests will have the opportunity to meet talented Menifee painter Linda Morrison and see some of her artwork. This will take place from 6-7 p.m. and is presented by Arts Council Menifee.

Following that, guests are invited to stay for a concert by Brian Lynn Jones, contemporary country musician. The concert starts at 7 p.m. and is presented by the Menifee Lakes Home Owners Assocation.

Both are free, open to the public and at La Paloma Park. The park is located at Menifee Road and Bayport Lane, just south of Newport Road. Bring your lawn chair, cooler, family and friends.

Morrison will also display her artwork on Sunday, July 28, in an open house from noon to 3 p.m. in an artist showcase at the Sun City Library, 26982 Cherry Hills Blvd.

Other even summer events planned for La Paloma Park include:

Aug. 10 -- Storyteller (acoustic classic 60s and 70s) and Ken Caldwell, Fine Art Photographs

Aug. 24 -- The Hang (classic rock) and artist Judy Irwin

Sept. 7 -- On The Roxx (top 40) and Ted E. Davis, Fine Art Photographs

Get Your Pet's Portrait Taken and Help The Arthritis Foundation on Sunday July 28th

Free Website Seminar at Rilynn Professional Building Aug. 13

For more information visit Rilynn on Facebook here.

Hundreds Join Father in Memorial Service for Terry Smith Jr.

Terry Smith Sr. bows his head in prayer with others during Thursday night's memorial service.
(Photos by Kristen Spoon)

Terry Smith Sr. fulfilled his promise tonight, thanking a crowd of about 300 people at a memorial service for his son and hugging virtually everyone in attendance.

Smith, whose 11-year-old son Terry Jr. was found murdered on the property of his family's Menifee home July 10, spoke briefly to a crowd including many of those local residents who had searched for three days after the boy was reported missing. Standing amid the serenity of the outdoor amphitheater at Lamb's Fellowship church in Lake Elsinore, Smith fought back tears as he thanked a community that came together during a time of crisis.

"I love each and every one of you," said Smith, who pawned his car for a plane ticket to travel here from West Virginia in hopes of claiming his son's body. "I've got more family here than I can count, and I know there are thousands more. Don't think that you'll ever be forgotten."

Although the crowd was not as large as some had expected, many in the crowd were in tears and hugging one another as pastor Gary Enniss led prayers and tried to help those in attendance deal with their emotions.

"You may be saying, 'Why did this happen?' Enniss said, "But what I want you to ask yourself is, 'God, what do you want me to learn from this?

"If you want to honor Terry's memory, then love. If you want to honor him, be at peace. It's my prayer for each one of you that you find peace."

Terry Jr's mother and Terry Sr's ex-wife, Shawna Smith, was not at the service. She attended a private memorial last weekend at Revival Church that Terry Sr. did not attend. The Riverside County Coroner's Office has not completed its report or released the body, and no decision in the battle for custody of the body between the parents has been announced.

Meanwhile, some of the crowd hoped this ceremony would quiet the accusations and bickering between local residents on social media outlets as suspicion over the circumstances surrounding the case grew. Skylor Atilano, Terry Jr's 16-year-old half brother, has been arrested on suspicion of the murder, but many have expressed the belief that there's more to the story.

"I came here in hopes that Terry Jr can begin to rest at peace," said a woman who asked not to be identified. "And I came for Terry Sr., whom I've gotten to know this week.

"All the controversy, that's what I'm tired of. We're not here on this planet to judge anybody. We're all entitled to our opinion, and I have my opinion about what happened. But all these accusations, this bashing of one another ... it just needs to be done."

This event might not provide closure for everyone, but as Terry Sr. filed up and down each row, hugging every person, it was obvious that at least he got to spend some special time with the people to whom he now feels a special bond.

Photos decorate a table set up on the stage of an amphiteater where the memorial service was held.

Terry Smith Sr. hugs firefighters who watched the ceremony from the back of the amphitheater.

Menifee Man Charged With Murder, Held on $1 Million Bail

A Menifee man accused of murdering local resident and world-record shoe collector Darlene Flynn was charged with murder Thursday.

Justin Charles Smith did not enter a plea during his appearance in Riverside Superior Court, where his arraignment was set for Aug. 8. He is being held on $1 million bail.

Flynn, shown here in a photo from her Facebook page, has been featured in the TLC series "My Crazy Obsession" and is in the Guinness Book of World Records for her collection of more than 15,000 shoes and shoe-related items. She was found dead in her backyard pool in the 28000 block of Stone Lane in Menifee Monday afternoon. Smith, identified as her ex-boyfriend, was arrested after being seen running from the property when police arrived.

According to court records, Flynn, 58 and Smith, 29, had a stormy past. In May of 2012, Smith was convicted of grand theft. Flynn was listed as the victim. In the summary probation report, Smith was ordered to have no negative contact with Flynn. Court records show a total of eight cases involving Smith.

Menifee in Pictures: Let's Play Volleyball, But Where?

There are a lot of parks in Menifee, more than one with a beach volleyball pit. Which park is this?

"Menifee in Pictures" is a regular feature on Menifee 24/7. Readers are invited to contribute photos for publication. Email your photos as a .jpg file to and we'll select one for publication each day, along with your name as the photographer. Please include your full name on the submission and any explanation about where and when the photo was taken.

Public Urged to Arrive Early for Terry Smith Jr. Memorial Service

The public is invited to a memorial service for Terry Smith Jr. tonight at 6:30 at Lamb's Fellowship, 21901 Railroad Canyon Road in Lake Elsinore.

According to the organizers, this event is planned both as a tribute to the 11-year-old's memory and to show appreciation for the many volunteers who helped search for the boy before he was found dead in Menifee July 10. Terry Smith Sr., the boy's father, is here from West Virginia and will attend the event to express his thanks to the volunteers and community.

Guests are advised to arrive early and to carpool if possible. Parking and seating are limited. Guests also are advised to bring blankets and chairs in case all the seats are taken, to bring water and otherwise be prepared for the warm weather. The event will take place in an outdoor venue.

Education Matters At The Children’s Dental Practice of Menifee

Advertorial Supplement:

Dr. Ruth Bol has made it her personal mission to help ensure ever child that walks through their doors has a positive dental experience. Thus she built The Children’s Dental Practice of Menifee, with the intention to educate parents on how to approach the topic of “going to the dentist” with their children and create a fun association with the dentist from their very first visit.

The dentist doesn’t have to be scary, even for little mouths. The Children’s Dental Practice of Menifee believes the dentistry should be painless, fun, and positively memorable. Beginning with her own education and then moving on to educating others, Dr. Bol is changing the way people view the dentist and ensuring her young patients grow up loving the dentist.

As a specialized pediatric dentist, Dr. Bol has completed an additional three years of training to be become an expert and advocate for children and adolescents in dentistry, as opposed to a general dentist. She attended a two-year Pediatric Residency at UCLA and completed the Master Program in Public Health.

Her extensive training in psychology and behavior management has helped her in her research to utilize only the best medications to help children through difficult surgical procedures. Children cannot tolerate extensive dental procedures or dental surgery, simply because their brain has not yet developed enough to cope with the type of stress surgery elicits. Dentistry should be viewed as a type of surgery, as the child is anesthetized and must lie still for at least an hour with their mouth open.

Dr. Bol started out working on Indian reservations as a general dentist, but found that she did not agree with their methods of treatment and restraint. Instead of making a child comfortable, they would strap down a screaming five year old in order to provide previously neglected, and much needed dental care. From then on she made it her mission to change the way children experience the dentist.

Dentistry is actually a top fear among adults, right up there on the list with public speaking and death. Her passion is to prevent and treat this fear right from the get go, and to serve her patients with love, education, and comfort.

The best way to prevent dental fear in children is to bring them in early for their first check up. The Children’s Dental Practice of Menifee sees babies as early as six-months of age to start teaching parents how to prepare their child for the dentist. Using step-by-step education on how to prevent cavities and maintain oral health, The Children’s Dental Practice is changing mouths one smile at a time. Both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and Pediatricians recommend having your child’s first dental visit by age one.

Dr. Ruth Bol and her staff take great pride in being involved with their community and are committed to giving your children the very best care. Start them off right with a positive dental experience at The Children’s Dental Practice of Menifee.

27180 Newport, Suite 3
Menifee, California 92584

Phone: (951) 301-9111
Website: The Children's Dental Practice of Menifee

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Live Music Every Thursday at Provecho Grill

For more information call (951) 246-3200 or visit their Facebook page here.

Injury Prevention Sports Massages at Elevate Fitness Studio

For more information call (951) 301-4499 or visit their Facebook page here.

Menifee in Pictures: Sunset Spreading Across the Fields

Ray Holly captured this nice shot of the sunset seen from a field near Bradley Road and Lazy Creek Road. We appreciate reader contributions such as this.

By the way, we also appreciate the many responses about the vacant building we featured yesterday. You can read them all in the comments to that post. Thanks for the info!

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Two-Vehicle Collision Involving Police Car Creates Traffic Jam

Traffic was backed up for several blocks each way on Highway 74 this afternoon following a two-vehicle collision between a Menifee Police Department patrol car and a Southern California Gas Co. service truck.

According to Officer Coon of the Highway Patrol, the police car was traveling northbound on Menifee Road and the service truck was headed westbound on Highway 74 when the collision occurred in the intersection. The investigation has just begun and no details about the cause of the accident were reported.

Both the police officer and the driver of the other vehicle were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries, Coon said. There were no other occupants in either vehicle.

The crash occurred at 3:48 p.m., with the Gas Co. truck ending up in a ditch outside the northwest corner of the intersection and the police car in the intersection. That car was towed away shortly after 5:30 p.m., but traffic was still jammed in both directions on Highway 74.

Smith to Stay in Menifee, Fight for Custody of Son's Body

In his first face-to-face meeting with reporters since arriving from West Virginia, Terry Smith Sr. said today during a press conference in Menifee that he will extend his stay here while awaiting positive identification by the Riverside County Coroner's Office of his son's remains and that he plans to claim custody of the body.

Smith told reporters in a press conference at Wheatfield Park that he plans to stay until at least Aug. 2. He had originally planned to return home this weekend, but he said today he has decided to stay longer while awaiting the coroner's report and release of the body.

The body of a boy matching the description of 11-year-old Terry Smith Jr. was found July 10 buried in a shallow grave on the Menifee property of his mother and Terry Smith Sr's ex-wife, Shawna Smith. Terry Smith Sr. has said previously he has documents proving he has custody of his son and plans to have the body cremated and returned to West Virginia.

"The last few weeks were great until my whole world was turned upside down," Smith told reporters. "He (Terry Jr.) should've been out of here before any of this happened."

A spokesperson for Lakepointe Cremation & Burial in Lake Elsinore confirmed that, with the consent of both parents, the body will be released to that facility when the coroner's report is completed. The spokesperson would not comment on issues regarding custody of the body.

Terry Smith Sr. said he has not shown the coroner documents proving he has custody of Terry Jr., but he said he has all the documents to do so.

Skylor Atilano, Terry Jr's 16-year-old half brother, was arrested on suspicion of the murder and is awaiting a Sept. 17 juvenile detention hearing.

Terry Smith Sr. said he will attend the public memorial service for his son Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at Lamb's Fellowship in Lake Elsinore. He said he plans to shake the hand of as many Menifee residents and volunteers who searched for Terry Jr. as possible.

"I know they're calling it a memorial," Smith said. "But Terry liked picnics. I want this to be one big picnic. I want it to be a celebration of Terry's life."

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Court Hearing for ex-Mormon Bishop Continued to Aug. 14

A felony settlement conference regarding criminal charges of sexual battery against a former Mormon bishop from Menifee was continued to Aug. 14.

Today in Riverside Superior Court, the judge in this case continued the settlement conference involving Todd M. Edwards, who faces charges of sexual battery, sexual penetration with a foreign object upon a minor and dissuading a witness or victim. Edwards earlier entered a plea of not guilty to the charges.

According to a police investigation, the alleged criminal acts involved two teenage girls in separate incidents. According to police documents, the suspect was known by the victims and their families. The alleged sexual assaults occurred in November 2006 and February 2012.

According to officials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Edwards was released as bishop of the Menifee Ward when the allegations came to light.

According to legal experts, a felony settlement conference is a meeting with the prosecutor, defense attorney and judge, usually to discuss whether a settlement can be reached and a trial avoided.

Edwards remains in custody. Bail was set at $65,000 by judge Becky L. Dugan last month and a June 27 motion by the defense to reduce the bail amount was denied.

Public Memorial for Terry Smith Jr. Set for Thursday Night

UPDATE: Organizers of this memorial service ask that those attending carpool to the event if at all possible. Parking is limited.

A public memorial service in memory of 11-year-old Terry Smith Jr. will be held Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at Lamb's Fellowship church in Lake Elsinore, organizers announced tonight.

Lamb's Fellowship, located near Menifee at 21901 Railroad Canyon Road, was chosen as the site because of its ability to accommodate a large crowd in its outdoor worship area. The facility has 600 seats but can hold more than 2,000 people, said Veronica Bocanegra in making the announcement.

Bocanegra is the funeral arranger for Lakepointe Cremation & Burial, which is coordinating the memorial service with the staff of Lamb's Fellowship. The "Remembering Terry Smith" group, including volunteer coordinator Sarah Reid, will also be present to provide assistance as needed.

The service is expected to last an hour and the public is invited. Guests are welcome to bring blankets and chairs in the event all seats are taken. The public is being asked to wear blue, one of Terry's favorite colors.

According to Bocanegra, the service is being held on behalf of Terry Smith Sr. as well as the other organizers listed. Smith, who arrived here from West Virginia after news of his son's death, will be in attendance.

"Terry Smith Sr. would like an opportunity to thank the community for searching for his son ... that is the main goal of the public service," Bocanegra said in making the announcement.

Event organizers are asking that no phone calls be made to Lamb's Fellowship regarding the service. All questions should be directed to Veronica Bocanegra's office at 951-245-1771.

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