NAFE Members Serve Lunch, Entertain Sun City Seniors

From left: Neal Snooks, Bob Johnson, Betty Snooks, Pam Johnson, Joan E. Wakeland. Robbie Motter is in the background at left.
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More than 100 seniors were served lunch at the Hillside Mobilehome Park in Menifee Wednesday by members of the local chapter of the National Association for Female Executives and the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Members of the Menifee NAFE group were joined by Sheila Caruso, director of the North Orange County NAFE chapter, and Joan Wakeland, director of the Rancho Cucamonga NAFE chapter. Many of these women are also part of the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The seniors loved being served by the women in their flashing Santa Hats and their aprons. Joan Wakeland and Jindy Ali worked in the kitchen, along with Pam Johnson and a new couple that just moved to Menifee, Betty and Neal Snooks.

Santa Claus appeared and there was entertainment provided by Unstoppable Entertainment's Kat and Steve Saunders (Kat will also be joining NAFE soon). The seniors also got to hear NAFE member Nicole Farrell sing a musical number.

Members presented more than 80 gifts that had been donated by the family of Carmelita Rood, a NAFE member who passed away last year. They were all new Christmas items she had bought and saved, including gift bags. Her family members asked for them to be used for a good cause. Carmelita would be proud to have the gifts given to them.

NAFE women are women with heart. Every one of them loved giving of their time, sharing their smiles and making the seniors feel welcome. Many of these seniors have no one, so this was a special day for them.

A big thank you to Dorothy Wolons, NAFE member and Chamber CEO, for taking these photos.

Robbie Motter
NAFE Western & Mid Atlantic Regional Coordinator

From left: Laura Roeder, Jean Olexa, Sheila A. Caruso, Joan E. Wakeland, Nicole Farrell, Jindy Ali, Kris Rickard, Georgetta Gans.


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