Congratulations to Our Youngest Menifee Maze Winner!

Menifee 24/7 staff members are pleased to announce that 12-year-old Bryan Nevarez has become the youngest winner ever in our Menifee Maze contest!

Look at the five pieces he had to work with in Menifee Maze 25 below. How did he figure out it was the front of Ethan A. Chase Middle School in the Heritage Lake community of Menifee? Easy. He goes to school there.

Bryan said he recognized the slant of the roof, shown in just one of the five puzzle pieces. He was the only reader to guess the correct location. By doing so, he won a $30 "dinner for two" gift card to Texas Roadhouse, sponsor of our contest.

In the true holiday spirit, Bryan said he will give the gift card to his parents as a Christmas present. Merry Christmas, Bryan Nevarez and family!

We've decided to take a couple days off for the Christmas holiday. Menifee Maze will return this Thursday, Dec. 26.


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