EMWD Honored for Energy Efficiency Efforts

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For the third consecutive year, Eastern Municipal Water District has been recognized by The Climate Registry for its commitment toward reducing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Climate Registry is a nonprofit, national service that helps organizations measure, report and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. By achieving Climate Registered status, EMWD has shown an ongoing commitment to sustainability and responsible reporting of data.

EMWD was recognized in 2012 as a recipient of the Cool Planet Award, which is presented annually by The Climate Registry and Southern California Edison.

“We are proud to be recognized for our ongoing commitment toward responsible environmental stewardship,” EMWD General Manager Paul D. Jones II said. “We appreciate The Climate Registry for its work in promoting agencies that are going the extra mile to ensure a sustainable future for us all, and EMWD is pleased to be one of those agencies.”

EMWD has been at the forefront of energy management and sustainability and is widely viewed as a model for other water and wastewater agencies in this arena. The District has been recognized by multiple agencies for its work in reducing emissions and its representatives have spoken to Senate leaders about energy management in the water and wastewater industries.

Among the projects that EMWD has undertaken to reduce its carbon footprint include GPS units in fleet vehicles, resulting in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by more than 600 tons, and an employee carpool program.

EMWD’s Integrated Operations Center operates using software that is designed to switch between gas and electric engines to help achieve the lowest-possible emissions levels. EMWD is constructing a solar facility at its Perris headquarters, has invested in biogas fuel cells and has saved more than 5 million Kwh through energy efficiency efforts in the past three years.

The energy investments have resulted in savings of millions annually for EMWD ratepayers and significant reductions in the District’s carbon footprint.

“Climate Registered organizations understand that there are both environmental and economic benefits to understanding and managing your carbon footprint,” said David Rosenheim, Executive Director of The Climate Registry). “EMWD has become part of a powerful community of Climate Registered organizations, with substantive data guiding and supporting its sustainable activities.”


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