Disappearance of Boston Terriers in Area Concerns Dog Owners

Call it coincidence or a disturbing trend, but several Boston Terriers have gone missing in and arou...

Call it coincidence or a disturbing trend, but several Boston Terriers have gone missing in and around Menifee the last several days and dog owners say it looks suspicious.

Since last Wednesday, Nov. 20, six Boston Terriers have disappeared in the area from four different residences. Two have since been found. One was discovered by animal control officers running loose and the other was turned in anonymously to Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar through a night drop-off door.

Lost dogs in Menifee is a common occurrence, but to have six of the same breed go missing from the same general area in a one-week period has some residents wondering whether the dogs are being stolen. Two of the owners saw no evidence of an open gate or any way their dog could've disappeared without being taken.

"It's obvious to me there's a theft ring going on," said Nina Medina, president the Menifee Valley Humane Society. "Everyone needs to be aware of what's going on and keep an eye on your dogs. We're a small community and this is the last thing you would expect to happen."

There is no proof that any of the dogs were taken from their yards, but some have their suspicions. Greg Ogle discovered his three Boston Terriers missing from the back yard of his home on Scott Road near Leon Road last Friday, Nov. 22.

"I walked around the yard and there were no holes in the fence or any way I see they could get out," Ogle said. "I posted this on Facebook and found out other Boston Terriers were missing. I thought it was strange that all of the same breed went missing at the same time."

Two days after his three dogs went missing, one of Ogle's Boston Terriers showed up at Animal Friends of the Valley when workers checked the night drop-off area the next morning. The dog was identified as Ogle's and he picked up the dog, a male. Another male -- a 4-month-old puppy named Boss, above -- and a female named Daisy (below right) are still missing.

The same night Ogle's dogs disappeared, Fred Jaks came home and watched as his 6-year-old Boston Terrier, Athena, ran out the front door and to an open field next door at the corner of Bundy Canyon Road and Monte Vista Drive in Wildomar. This is something Athena often did, playing with other neighborhood dogs in the vacant lot -- always coming home when called.

This time when Jaks called Athena home, there was no response. She has been missing ever since.

"Athena is a creature of habit," Jaks said. "She always makes a left turn and heads straight for the field. She has never gone anywhere else and she always comes when called. She doesn't take well to strangers, so I don't think she would r