Menifee in Pictures: An Orchard in Our Little Desert Town?

Menifee has lots of wheat fields and horse stables, but as far as we know, we have only one large grove of citrus trees. Here it is, to the north of McCall Boulevard on the west side of the hill overlooking the Menifee Valley Medical Center (seen in the distance).

Question: Who owns this orchard and where is the fruit sold or distributed? Just curious.

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  1. When I used to work at the hospital, years ago, I was told that the hospital actually owns the land and someone else works it. I heard that there was some agreement made when the hospital land was purchased. That is all I know and it could even be a rumor. Hope that helps with the detective work.

  2. I wonder this each time I drive by! I also want to take my kids picking!

  3. i dont know but i want to know what that tower in the middle o it is for