Ex-Bishop Todd Edwards Released on Bail Pending Court Date

Todd Mitchell Edwards, a former Menifee Mormon ward bishop charged with sexual battery on two teenage girls, has been released on bail pending a court hearing, according to jail records.

Edwards, 49, was being held in Riverside County Jail in Indio on $65,000 bail. Records show he was released on Saturday, Aug. 17

Edwards is scheduled to appear in Riverside Superior Court for a felony settlement conference Sept. 18. He has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual battery, sexual penetration with a foreign object and witness intimidation.

In his last court appearance Aug. 14, Edwards' case was held over until the Sept. 18 date. The request for a restraining order by an unnamed party was discussed in that hearing, but that matter was held over until the September hearing.

Edwards was arrested at his Murrieta residence May 31 following an investigation of the charges -- one of which dates back to 2006.


  1. I could see the relevance of his religion if he committed the acts while a Bishop- if there's no correlation, it seems to signify the beginning of one's descent down the slippery slope of yellow journalism. Please continue to be an honest, legitimate news source for those abroad for the goings-on in one's hometown.

  2. Agreed. Wish we could lose the tag line of "ex Mormon ward Bishop". Just use his name.

  3. Dear Editor,

    Why must you keep referencing the ex-bishop thing? Why can't he just be Todd Edwards? Shoot!


    Josh Bigelow


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